Architecture as building experiences
Paris, FR

ABACO is a collaborative design studio led by Alice Braggion and Alessandro Carabini. Based in Paris, and moving freely between the different project scales guided by an open and creative core concept, the architecture and design firm has been operating at the intersection of space, technology and art.


Working towards a studio space

We met at IUAV University in Venice, and we started working together during our master’s degree. We moved to Paris in 2012, just after university. Starting off by doing competitions, we were organising workshops and participating in events such as the Milan Design Week while working for other architecture firms. In 2015 we were able to rent a room in a hybrid coworking space with the money earned from our very first clients. Later, we moved on to different multidisciplinary environments, particularly related to the art fields. In 2019 we finally founded and gave shape to a studio space that completely reflected our vision.


The first project

In our story there are some key moments. The very first one is related to Palomar, an interactive installation realised for Premio Maggia 2015. Palomar was a moment of revelation for us. Its conception and realisation showed us the power of matter and the power of form. The power of an idea that takes shape physically.

This installation had been conceived as a global experience that would involve all the senses. The feedback from the public confirmed that we had hit the target. Once they crossed the threshold of the vaulted underground space where Palomar was installed, the spectator was literally transported into another universe. The space we created told a story that was totally mesmerising. Suddenly we realised that what we wanted to do with architecture was precisely this: imagining and building universes in which the experience of space is unique.


An adaptive space

We changed four different work environments in the last four years. They were all very different but with few similarities: creative and multidisciplinary environments, connected to production or art. It was important to experience different places with different people as it helped us understand how our space should be shaped to fit our collaborative and transdisciplinary beliefs. So today our space is designed to be really flexible since it is a design studio and an art gallery at the same time.


Focusing on public projects

Since the beginning, we have been working at a small-to-medium scale in architecture, most of the time in domestic projects with private clients. The next year's goals of the studio follow mainly two directions: to work more on public space with public clients, and to work with brands in exhibition design / art direction projects. We would like to keep a dimension that allows us to supervise each project and to maintain a transdisciplinary approach to design strongly focused on innovation and research.

01 ABACO founders Braggion Alice




Photography Courtesy of ABACO

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