Growth plan
Genoa, IT

CIRCOLO-A was founded in 2015 in Genoa by Simone Ierardi, Gabriele Molinelli and Valentina Penna after years of working together in Italy. They are growing their professional network while surviving in the middle of the reality of the profession, juggling multiple meetings with clients, the municipality, constructors while simultaneously dealing with budgets and deadlines.


First prize

We won the first prize for AAA Architetti Cercasi 2015, for a mixed use residential building project. After years working in offices in Italy and abroad, that experience, together with getting the task for the project of 12 villas in Sardinia, pushed us to make a jump and to found our own studio.


Finding a balance between private and work life

CIRCOLO-A have found a good solution to reconcile professional and private life: Simone and Valentina got married in 2018, so private life doesn’t exist anymore at all. Jokes aside, finding a balance is not always easy, but it’s fundamental. Everybody has to take his/her job seriously, we are lucky in doing what we love, but working should never overwhelm the rest of one’s life; this won't be good for the people nor for the work itself. But at the same time, our job is a creative one, and creativity requires contamination.


Expectations as the horizons towards which we walk

You and your laptop. Your fantasy and the reality: the story starts like this, then all the actors of reality like municipality, clients, constructors, budgets, deadlines literally put you in the eye of a storm. You are the orchestra conductor, projecting also the process that satisfy all these people and factors, using a good architectural design. This challenge makes our job even more interesting in some way; moreover participating in competitions gives you the possibility of a continuous research in developing bigger scale designs. Expectations changes, but they are always the horizon towards which to walk.


Growing as an architecture studio

We are increasing our professional network, and we are working hard to have always new channels to enhance our activity, to work on different scales, from the interior to the urban scale. A greater amount of work leads us to enlarge the studio, to collaborate with others, and we would love that project.

circoloa team

Photography Courtesy of CIRCOLO-A

CIRCOLO A office 2 ph andrea bosio Simone Ierardi

CIRCOLO A office 0 ph andrea bosio Simone Ierardi

CIRCOLO A office 1 ph andrea bosio Simone Ierardi

Photography Simone Ierardi

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