New Generations – Second Edition

New Generations – Second Edition


New Generations festival – second edition

After the amazing success of the 1st edition of the New Generations Festival in Milan (November, 2013) New Generations has prepared a new international happening: the 2nd edition of the Festival has been held in Florence, at “La Palazzina Reale”, located inside Santa Maria Novella railway station.

Futurology has been organized by New Generations, sponsored by the Board of Architects of Florence and the FAF, Board of Architects of Florence Foundation.

The New Generations event is organized around three typologies of activities, with more than 40 local and international guests. 

(1) A series of “traditional” theoretical activities: debates, conferences, round tables, with the participation of some young architectural practices such as space&matter, ndvr, ofl architecture, exhibit, ciclostile architecture. 

(2) Some experimental formats of presentation: two Pecha Kucha nights (Futurology and Techno Communications), with 10 international guests each. And much more innovative formats, such as our “shared lectures”, one “menage a trois” and more than 20 “soapbox” lectures. 

(3) Practical activities: our agenda of activities is based on a constant investigation towards a practical approach, with the realization of some activities based on construction and experimentation. Two workshops have been conducted by international teams of tutors such as Orizzontale, The Milktrain, Aparicioeeraerts and Fala Atelier, and a selection of experimental groups related with, art, theater and cinema, such as Codice Ivan and Faithful to the Subject.

The 2nd edition of the Festival has been one of the most innovative event in architecture of the year, first and single European project that has been successful in bringing together relevant guests from all over the world, with the common goal to re-think the boundaries of our profession.


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