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Round Tables

November 28, 29  – Museo di San’Agostino – 10:30/19:00

Every group of round table – (City)Urgencies, Architect Ground Zero, New Economies – is organized by an introduction on Friday with the participation of the key note speakers. The following round tables will follow the introduction. 


Friday – November 27 

10:30 – 13:30 Introduction – (City) Urgencies – 3 CFU 

Stefano Sibilla (IT), Josefrán García (ES), Gianfranco Fiora (IT), Sandra de Bont (NL),

Caroline Rovers (NL), Massimiliano Giberti (IT), Stefano Bernini (IT), Joni Baboci (AL)

Moderated by Ljubo Georgiev (BG)


10:30 – 13:30 Introduction – Architect Ground Zero – 3 CFU

B22 (IT), NAS-DRA (PL), Parasite 2.0 (IT), Diego Zoppi (IT), Adriano Magliocco (IT), Andrea Zanderigo (IT)

Moderated by Chris Luth (NL)


 10:30 – 13:30 Introduction  – New Economies – 3 CFU

Valentyna Zotova (UA), Giulia Pesaro (IT), Elena Malara (IT), Riccardo Prosperi (IT)

Moderated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado (ES/UK)


15:00 – 19:00 (City) Urgencies – Public Space Governance – 4 CFU

Public space governance and urban politics are fundamental aspects of the contemporary metropolis. In Europe, many public administrations understood the importance of involving citizens in the reactivation of public and private urban areas through participation processes. During the session, young architects, activists, politicians and sociologists will present their experiences.

Joni Baboci (AL), Sandra de Bont (NL), Caroline Rovers (NL), Studiod3r (DE),

Josefrán García (ES), Atelier Starzak Strebicki (PL), Ania Molenda (PL/NL),

Simone Tosoni (IT), Saverio Massaro (IT), Silvia Capurro (IT), Sabina Frei (IT),

Cristina Ampatzidou (GR/NL), Simon Constantini (IT), Raffaele S. Rosa (IT),

Colectivo Warehouse (PT), Boglarka Ivanegová (SK), Daniela Petrillo (IT)

Moderated by Ljubo Georgiev (BG)


15:00 – 19:00  Architect Ground Zero – Beyond Buildings – 4 CFU

What is the role of architecture nowadays? What does being an architect mean in 2015? Many students after completing university have troubles following their career and choose other pertinent paths, developing different projects that range from research, to the art and publishing world. “Beyond Buildings” explores the architectural profession at 360°, thanks to the contribution of several young architects who approach architecture in an unconventional way.

Aparicioeeraerts (ES/BE), Elisabetta Consonni (IT), PAGE arte pubblica (IT),

Maciej Siuda (PL), Atelier Teratoma (ES), Fabio Tenore (IT), Simone Gobbo (IT),

Elisabetta Canepa (IT), Rodrigo García (ES), Clelia Tuscano (IT), NAS-DRA (PL)

Moderated by Chris Luth (NL)


15:00 – 19:00  New Economies – Survive Style – 4 CFU

Also this year, the Festival proposes one of the most successful round tables from previous editions, aiming to analyze the project through the perspective of the economic sustainability. Guest offices will talk about achievements and failures of their investments, providing several ideas on how to limit the impact of the economic crisis.

Parasite 2.0 (IT), 2001 (LX), Peaks (FR), Mario Paris (IT), Draftworks (GR/CY), OPPS (IT)

Cristiano Lippa (IT), Giulia Pesaro (IT), Margherita Del Grosso (IT), Piero Pelizzaro (IT), Chanyu Ding (TW)

Moderated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado (ES/UK)


Saturday – November 28

10:30 – 13:30 (City) Urgencies – Re-Activation VS Demolition – 3 CFU

Re-activation practices and public space governance are strictly connected although they often assume a conflicting point of view on the topic of demolitions. When shall we re-activate a public or a private space, and when shall we start from zero, erasing the urban memory of a place? What are the pros and cons of these two diametrically opposed approaches? Several international guests, among which young architects and public administrators, will look for the answers to these questions.

Alper Deringobaz (TK), Emmanuele J. Pilia (IT), Joni Baboci (AL), Doğu Kaptan (IT),

Sandra de Bont (NL), Caroline Rovers (NL), Atelier Starzak Strebicki (PL),

Ciclostile Architettura (IT), George Schafer (US), Chiara Olivastri (IT),

Ania Molenda (PL/NL), Stefano Sibilla (IT), Mauro Moriconi (IT),

Gianfranco Amadio (IT), Marina Gemmi (IT), Colectivo Warehouse (PT)

Moderated by Ljubo Georgiev (BG)


10:30 – 13:30 Architects Ground Zero – Stay the Same – 3 CFU

Unlike the previous round table, “Stay the Same” gathers the point of view of several young architects that approach architecture in a traditional way, taking part to international competitions and building projects around the world. The invited firms joining the session will present their work focusing on the construction aspects.

Cristiano Lippa (IT), Barrio+Balmaseda (ES), Tipi Studio (IT), 2001 (LX), OPPS (IT),

StudioWok (IT), Elisabetta Canepa (IT), Nicola Canessa (IT)

Moderated by Chris Luth (NL)


 10:30 – 13:30 New Economies – Being your Own Client – 3 CFU

Traditional clients don’t exist any longer: the architect, once used to find work exclusively under commission, more and more often has to play the role of the client himself and to face different dynamics, recurring in the art world. The urgence to autonomously obtain work possibilities has led the new generation of architects to conceive new radical economic models, analyzed here by architects and experts from the economic field.

Atelier Teratoma (ES), Marta Lasen (IT), Elena Malara (IT), Giulia Pesaro (IT),

Mario Paris (IT), Andrea Zanderigo (IT), BudCud (PL), SO? (TK), Chanyu Ding (TW), Cristina Ampatzidou (GR/NL)

Moderated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado (ES/UK)


15:00 – 19:00  (City) Urgencies – Upcycling Metabolism – 4 CFU

Urban metabolism is getting very popular in Northern European countries although Italy praises several well-known theorists on the topic. Revolutionizing traditional urban models depending on the horizontal and vertical expansion of the city’s grid, urban metabolism proposes a new model based on resources at our disposal. The metropolis is meant as a living organism that eats what it produces and it is analysed according to people, energy, material and waste flows. Here, a selection of architects and experts will debate on the topic with the audience.

Rodrigo García (ES), Mario Paris (IT), Alper Deringobaz (TK), Saverio Massaro (IT),

Sandra de Bont (NL), Caroline Rovers (NL), Boglarka Ivanegová (SK),

Piero Pelizzaro (IT), Enrico Lain (IT), Raffaele S. Rosa (IT), Ania Molenda (PL/NL)

Moderated by Ljubo Georgiev (BG)


15:00 – 19:00  Architect Ground Zero – Independent or Collective – 4 CFU

The project New Generations, born around the video-interview format, has revealed different office management models with their related approaches to the architectural profession: collaborative platforms, multi-disciplinary groups, collective atelier, freelance architects… The session provides a wide panorama of potential organizational structures and illustrates their peculiarities. 

StudioWok (IT), Tipi Studio (IT), Barrio+Balmaseda (ES), Kawahara Krause (DE), Nicola Pisani (IT)

Moderated by Chris Luth (NL)


15:00 – 19:00  New Economies – Space Invader(s) – 4 CFU

The last session describes multidisciplinary collaborations and their related economic models. With the economic crisis, many architects have extended their action potential to other fields, sharing strength and skills with professionals from other sectors. Representatives of interdisciplinary groups will describe the surplus value of these synergies through the unexpected results of their collaborations.

Mammafotogramma (IT), Despina Fragouli (IT), Valentyna Zotova (UA),

Riccardo Prosperi (IT), Aparicioeeraerts (ES/BE), Emmanuele J. Pilia (IT),

Daniela Petrillo (IT), Matteo Ferroni (IT), Marta Lasen (IT), NAS-DRA (PL)

Moderated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado (ES/UK)




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