by CENTRAL office for architecture and urbanism

ACTE is a research centre designed by CENTRAL, dedicated to Autism Spectrum Disorder within the premises of Université Libre de Bruxelles.

This centre provides experimentation and observation rooms, but also spaces where people with autism and their families can come to with confidence, obtain information and attend scientific conferences.

Autists are people with a sensitivity that defines a spectrum going from hypo to hyper. For CENTRAL, architecture is by essence immuable and in this sense unadapted to multiple sensitivities.

The centre, located on the 8th floor of an old laboratory building from the 70's, revolves around three large areas lined with two separated corridors on each side.

The experimental area, at the heart of the centre that includes a big testing room, a technical room and one interview room. The conference area consists of a big seminar room.

Completely adaptable to respond to the requirements of each on-going study.

In which experimenters can analyse the data collected

For teenagers and adults with autism and their parents

These three areas and the conference room are complemented by a reception and waiting zone. It includes an igloo shaped 'Snoezelen' of which the design is entirely oriented towards the well-being of the participants.

“Rather than setting flexibility as an absolute virtue, a clear definition of space and matter helped us to collaborate with professionals, autistic people and their families in order to create a tameable environment by many.” CENTRAL recounts.

Two waiting rooms have been designed for children, in particular, a calm one and another more dynamic one.

To satisfy both the needs of those who are seeking stimulation.

Circulation between the areas was designed to be as transparent as possible. A glass-framed passage has the dual function of guiding visitors through the set and bring natural light to each room.

For those who might feel overwhelmed by too much sensory stimuli.

Location Brussels, Belgium
Year 2018-19
Surface 500 sqm
Budget 260.000€ + taxes
Photography Maxime Delvaux

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