House MYH
by La Leta Architettura

The House MYH project consists in the creation of a house in the center of Palermo, Sicily, suitable for those who live in it.

This house is located in a historic building from the 1930’s in load-bearing walls.

The original 80 square meters space of the building was completely rethought by local office La Leta Architettura.

Despite being a young practice, the office directed by Giorgio La Leta has conducted and is currently developing several residential and commercial projects.

The existing system was not totally transformed, as the structure did not allow it. Some partitions were eliminated to open the living room space and the kitchen layout.

The needs provided by the clients became an opportunity to organise the space through a series of furniture and solutions that were transformed into the characterising elements of the project.

A system of mirrors duplicates the entrance space; a door hides the service area.

The design of customised systems characterises the project: The mirrored doors are used to duplicate the space and hide the servants' spaces of the house: bathroom and laundry.

Two volumes organise the living space. The library shields the entrance, while the composition of the peninsula kitchen is divided into two distinct areas.

The spaces follow one another. The studio acts as a filter between the living area and the sleeping area.

For the authors, the studio becomes an opportunity to design a unique element that wraps around the wall, first becoming a bookcase, then boiserie and turning over the table. Finally, a magnetic insert provided to hang on the wall.

The use of natural materials was favored, as well as the custom-made furnishings are all in lacquered wood.

Such as light oak wood for the floors and Carrara marble for the bathroom coverings.

Author La Leta Architettura (Giorgio La Leta)
Surface 80 sqm
Year 2019
Location Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Photography Nanni Culotta

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