Level Up
by Rooh Studio

Level Up is a site-specific design, constructed as part of a workshop held at the European Architecture Students’ Assembly, RE:EASA 2018 held in Rijeka, Croatia.

The workshop set out to readapt a disused rooftop next to the Dead Canal in Rijeka's Delta area, bringing it to life as a community meeting and event space for locals.

The pavilion, built on an extension of a 50s industrial storage building named Export Drvo, starts at the street and ascends upwards in a series of levels which progress to an elevated terrace built on top of the existing rooftop.

Each level forms an intimate yet connective space for small groups to gather and at the same time provides a public frontage and awareness of the ongoing cultural regeneration of the Export Drvo building, set to become an important venue within Rijeka Europe’s culture capital 2020.

From top of the pavilion opens up an exceptionally complex view, a 180-degree panorama varying from the mountains surrounding the city and chimneys of the old industrial district of Hartera, the 19th century theatre and market, the slow-flowing Dead canal with it’s small boats and Tito’s ship Galeb to the post industrial harbour and the open sea with misty mountains in the horizon.

Instead of creating a new public urban area, Level Up puts focus on reclaiming existing space. It creates a balcony to the Delta with an industrial aesthetic, acting as a public frontage.

In an era where permanence of the built form has been defining architecture, Level Up celebrates Ephemeral Urbanism. Is a recognition of the transitory nature of physical substances integral to the city growth process? Level Up is not just a construction idea but a pursuit of this philosophy.

Author Rooh Studio 
Team Brett Mahon, Joonas Parviainen, Saagar
Tulshan, Shreyansh Sett
Location Rijeka, Croatia
Clients Re -EASA 2018
Photography Rahul Palangani

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