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Catania, IT

Analogique is an architectural firm founded in Sicily in 2015 by Claudia Cosentino, Dario Felice and Antonio Rizzo. From a nomadic and mutant office space that reinforces the horizontal nature of their teamwork, they are operating in the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape, furniture production and curatorial practice.


Meeting towards the end of university

It happened during a professional experience, which began at the same time as the last years of university, that we met and we had the opportunity to discover our complicity. We are profoundly different and complementary, we make the most of our peculiarities, considering the differences as strengths. Starting from this condition, our professional and personal growth constantly accelerates from year to year.


A spontaneous phone call

In the context of Manifesta 12 in Palermo we worked on the “Troposphere" project that would be on display hosted by Dimora OZ. The patron who made the building available for the headquarters of Dimora OZ is Roberto Bilotti Ruggi d’Aragona. We meet him and tell him about our work and research on architecture made with air. He, without thinking about it, dials the number of Rita Elvira Adamo, who at that time was curating the Invisible Architecture exhibition, and introduces us on speakerphone. He then invites us to Calabria in mid-August to visit museums, convents and castles but we find ourselves involuntarily by Rita, in her home in Amantea. The result of this health-walk is “Intruso”, the installation and the pneumatic architecture designed for the Invisible Architecture exhibition, on the terrace of the Carlo Bilotti Museum (Roberto's uncle) in Rome.


Work and life as a continuum 

We have never considered the professional and private as two separate and independent spheres. We have always imagined a single continuous osmotic flow. Every journey, research, commission, activities related to our profession has very close ties with the world of relationships for life that we feed daily. We work, live, socialize and move simultaneously 24/7. Maybe the happy hour is the trick to make everything more fun and fruitful.


A flexible and horizontal set up

The office is a horizontal space without hierarchies, our work is very close to polyphonic logic, roles merge together and everyone's energies are concentrated into precise points when necessary and urgent. The office is also nomadic and mutant, it adapts, transforms and moves according to the occasion and over time takes on new and unexpected forms.


Collaboration with AP2 in Montreal

In recent months we have started a more intimate professional relationship with the AP2 office based in Montreal, a young studio with very complex ongoing works. The target of the coming months is to travel a lot in that direction to define the position of Analogique in a context of different dimensions and speeds.

ANALOGIQUE2 Claudia Cosentino

ph. Peppe Maisto  studio  Analogique Claudia Cosentino

Photography Peppe Maisto

Peppe Maisto

Photography Peppe Maisto

ph. Anna Positano Op fot  Intruso Analogique Claudia Cosentino

Photography Anna Positano

ph. Francesco Cucchiara  Monumentale  Analogique Claudia Cosentino

Photography Francesco Cucchiara

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