architecture uncomfortable workshop
An heterodox approach
Budapest, HU

The architecture uncomfortable workshop is a Budapest-based architecture office. Beginning from a small opportunity to work with a carpenter in his workshop, the workshop has grown  with their biggest motivation today being the understanding of the contemporary vernacular architecture. They are continuously looking for the situation where comfort meets real human needs.


Recycling competition ideas in small-scale projects

During our studies, and also shortly after, we applied to many competitions, but we found it confusing that neither of them became reality, even if some were honored. Then came an opportunity to work together with a carpenter in his workshop which gave us the impulse to make our thoughts into reality. So, we converted some of our competition ideas into small scale furniture, for example, the "woolhut" - that was designed for the "Warming hut competition", but did not win - into the "woolchair". We also designed some other conceptual objects, like the waste less chair, and the coloured lamp, which got high attention in the worldwide media. Finally, these publications brought us more works, like interiors, as well as house planning.


Making mistakes to create freedom

We can recall, when we were still students, and we were building some concrete walls in our garden, but we didn’t succeed to fix the formworks, and the walls became crooked and changed their originally planned narrow form. Most people told us how we messed it up, but we think it was rather an invention of a new tool. What if the building process gets more freedom, so that a new beauty is able to be born?


Experimenting with modeling

Our studio is in the basement of a former family house, and we use the front garden as our workshop place so that our planning processes are in connection with the making. We interfere with materials, we can rethink and use the leftovers. For example the concrete plates, that are made of poured out leftover concrete. These experiments have also a deep effect on our design method.


“What does taste and beauty mean?”

In the case of some family houses we planned in the past few years, we had confronted the "főépítész" (the lead architect of the region). The plans met the settlement regulations and the law, and also the expectations of the customers, but we were told to rethink them, because the "főépítész" just didn’t like them. As we struggle in these unfortunate situations, we started to contemplate, what does liking, taste, and beauty mean? Finally we came to the following idea: Taste is the skill of using beauty. 


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Photography Courtesy of architecture uncomfortable workshop

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