Conjuntos Empáticos
Society and art
Madrid, ES

Conjuntos Empáticos is a non-profit association that was born in 2012 and currently led by Sálvora Feliz and Marta Benito, in order to pursue various purposes such as disseminating works, development of knowledge, encouraging citizens in participation processes, promoting the revitalisation of areas of conflict, encourage research processes, and so on.

An initial platform

Conjuntos Empáticos began as the first professional initiative developed after graduating. In the midst of the economic crisis, we decided to develop an itinerant exhibition which travelled to more than ten institutions for two years to show our pff's. The office was created with the intention of enabling a platform that could allow us the economic management of those initial activities we carried out as young architects.


Maintaining focus

It seems important to us to be aware and keep up with the changes or new challenges of the context in which our professional field is. We like to rely on one or more lines of work that allow the development of architectural design in a fresh way. Although we began to earn our first commissions through public open calls, our main focus at the moment remains on activities related to society, urbanism, art and design.


Taking care

We combine academic studies, whether undergraduate or doctoral, with teaching, research and office work. Each week is a different schedule. We try to adapt a lot to the different needs of the fields with which we are linked, so the work varies according to the period. In the same way, we adapt to the needs of the people who collaborate with us, trying to take care of them and of ourselves too. In order to accomplish this, organisation and efficient communication is vital.


Prioritising workspace comfort

Our space is located in an artist co-working space in Usera, in an old industrial atmosphere. We have storage surfaces and easy access, with a large table around which we all work together. When we need more space, we make use of other areas of the warehouse, allowing us to work comfortably and with natural light. We often have meetings in a more comfortable area, in an environment composed of sofas, plants and low tables. All our databases are online and we have a very consolidated workflow so we can actually work from anywhere, although we would rather work in the same space whenever possible since it allows for a completely different energy.


New avenues of research

Reality often surprises us. We started out as a group that got together to do things and avoid falling into monotony. We are still surprised when clients call us, because our absent-mindedness makes us not pursue opportunities, although we are always ready to give our all in every assignment or competition we win. With the passage of time the opposite happens to us, instead of closing doors and anchoring ourselves, more and more possible avenues of work and research open up.


Constant growth

We believe we need to consolidate our current client base and expand our work into other areas with more realistic budgets. We are currently at an inflection point in our careers and we are looking forward to making some changes, trying new things while putting even more energy into each project to keep growing.

Marta y Salvora Salvora feliz ricoy

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