Diego Sologuren
Towards a permanent collaboration
Lausanne, CH

Diego Sologuren (Bilbao, 1985) is based in Switzerland, developing his own experimental praxis, which is committed to taking architecture to its conceptual boundaries with other disciplines through an unceasing process of subverting the conventional. The broad spectrum of the studio’s activity extends to a field made of music composition, performance, poetry, sculpture, architecture, emotions, and maths.


Taking necessary time

The story of my debut has followed more the indeterminacy of the times we live rather than the conventional path. I started following the opportunities that appeared while I was working in parallel in different architecture offices. My first personal built project was an architectural device for a performance in collaboration with an artist. It was only when I had a certain amount of works built that I decided to focus exclusively on my own projects, and that took 5 years.

The greater research

It took me 5 years to start defining who I was and what I had to do; and still this question is unclear. I am in as much as I do. I consider that my projects guide and construct my 'parcours'. In that sense, and along with my itinerant life, my work has turned out to be, quite by chance, a sort of piece of literature divided in different sequential chapters. My projects function in series and as part of bigger research strategies.

Art in everyday life

I am an architect, interested in producing architecture but who has a deep-rooted feeling for art. Since I run different projects in parallel I am obliged to sort out my time during the office hours. Nevertheless, I must confess a great part of my free time is dedicated, somehow, to work, maybe the fun part of it, but still work. Every aspect of life and the world is for me a potential inspiration.


I work alone, sometimes in collaboration with other architects, artists, researchers or experts. I also work internationally most of the time, which means that I undergo a nomadic condition. In these years, I have discovered something which was maybe evident: there is a direct relationship between itinerancy and temporality of the works.

An optimistic outlook

The main goal of my career has been to work, as far as possible, in projects that build up some kind of coherent discourse. Trying not to lose sight of this adage depends on the type of client, the nature of the work and the amount of hope you still keep. Once, one of my teachers told me that everything consisted of never losing that hope. Since the beginning I have invested, like many of my colleagues, an enormous amount of time which was not really compensated and most of the time taken for granted by institutions or clients. I believe we must be the ones that revert this, it is one of the biggest challenges we have to tackle as professionals.

Towards a permanent collaboration 

I am looking forward to balancing my praxis towards a more local activity, although I want to keep a certain degree of international projects. Since I have not been exclusively dedicated to my work from the beginning, the big questions have been arriving gradually. I also feel I am in the right moment to find a partnership which goes beyond punctual collaborations.

Diego Sologuren 2018 by Sebastian Arpesella Diego Sologuren

Photography Sebastian Arpesella

home office diego sologuren Lausanne 2021 Diego Sologuren

Suite Suit Diego Sologuren+Brad Downey Berlin 2015 Diego Sologuren

The tunnel the ladder the platfrom Diego Sologuren+Brad Downey  UM Festival  Uckermark 2016 Diego Sologuren

Watermill At Lipp und Leuthold Studio Krautkunst Festival Luzern 2017 Diego Sologuren

Strato Logique by Diego Sologuren+Sebastien Tripod Lausanne 2021 Diego Sologuren

 Photography Courtesy of Diego Sologuren

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