Giovanni Mecozzi
A natural empathy
Ravenna, IT

From a cozy studio in Ravenna, Italy, Giovanni Mecozzi works with a small team constantly on architecture and interior design projects, specialised in retail and residential renovations. The studio works through multidisciplinary collaborations across Europe while looking to consolidate a clear path in the industry.


Listening to the body

Being very passionate about my profession, I tend to devote a lot of my time to my work. At the same time, I also strive to be attentive and listen to my own body, which often sends unequivocal messages that sometimes one does not pay enough attention to. I have learnt to know myself and, over time, I have set up a daily routine that allows me to dedicate time to other passions as well, first of all my private life and sport. Thanks to this balance, I am now able to give my best at work.


Being absorptive 

The workspace is fundamental, especially for architects, committed as we are to designing spaces. I recently took the decision to move my practice to a small co-working, consisting of only 4 people. It is a dynamic environment, located inside a splendid building in the historic city centre. I strongly believe in a sharing approach because it is the tangible translation of the receptive attitude towards architecture that is always present in my design process. I believe it implies a certain open-mindedness, and we, as architects, must expose ourselves to and be able to absorb as many stimuli as possible.


Seeking a natural empathy

When I launched my website some time ago, I thought, exaggerating: “In a few years, looking back at my work, I’d like to not perceive a clear, recognisable style, I want my projects to be all different”. Obviously, this is impossible, projects are creations that reflect our own personality. This thought, however, is an indication of my desire not to focus either on a particular style or on a specific type of work. In recent years, I have had many residential assignments, and that is a field that fascinates me very much, where one needs to connect intimately with people. I believe the empathy that this kind of work requires is inherent in my character: it is natural for me to seek it.


Looking forwards to a consolidation

In architecture, it takes a very long time to capitalise on the work, and often one cannot afford to investigate and experiment, or have the serenity of being able to make mistakes. That is what perhaps happened to me, and I had to completely revise my career path a few years ago, in a sort of new beginning. I worked for several years in the retail sector, only to realise that what I really liked, maybe most of all, was construction. I now find myself in the phase of first, real capitalisation on what was sown: I have built the path, and in the near future I would like to consolidate and follow it further.

AT WORK Giovanni Mecozzi

MIRELLA 01 ph.Simone Bossi Giovanni Mecozzi

Photography Simone Bossi

MIRELLA 02 ph.Simone Bossi Giovanni Mecozzi

Photography Simone Bossi

MIRELLA 03 ph.Simone Bossi Giovanni Mecozzi

Photography Simone Bossi

ORLANDO MARTINO ph.Angelo Ciccolo Giovanni Mecozzi

Photography Angelo Ciccolo

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