Kevin Veenhuizen Architects
An open method
Amsterdam, NL

From “Design Workshops” with clients, to “Design Blocks” within the studio, to a “Sustainability Plan”, Kevin Veenhuizen Architects are on a path to make significant progress along the two pillars they have identified: tailored and sustainable. KVa, founded in 2013, works from their office in Amsterdam across the Netherlands.


Growing roots

Strongly motivated to develop his own ideas in architecture and thereby contribute to a more sustainable world, Kevin decided to start his own practice. In 2013, Kevin Veenhuizen Architects was founded, one year before Kevin graduated with cum laude honors from Delft University of Technology. In the years prior he studied at the Technische Universität Berlin and Tokyo Institute of Technology. And especially in Japan, Kevin gained valuable inspiration for his architecture. In 2017 Guillaume joined the team and in 2018, Rosa. It was in this period that the office started to grow and mature.


Dedicating time for design

We very much value interaction with our clients and building partners. We start each project with the clients’ story, wishes and their tastes, and then translate this creatively into a design with its own character. In a playful way, we map out the fundamentals of the project together. Every three weeks we have "Design Block", these are a few days without meetings to be able to work fully concentrated on a project: sketching, building models, testing and redesigning. Together with our building partners, we help our clients make the right sustainable choices and process them within a sustainability plan. We build with ecologically responsible materials, smart energy systems and adapt the design to weather elements: the sun for daylight and heat, the wind for ventilation and the rain for water collection and reuse.


An informal space

Our hobby was moving; we worked in four different spaces in Amsterdam over the past two years. Fortunately this is over now because we have a heavy printer. Currently we work in a former school building which was fully renovated with sustainable heating, solar panels, triple glass, balanced ventilation and a green roof. Our workspace was an old classroom with very nice open facades that allowed much daylight to enter the space. In the space there is room to work, meet, eat and build. KVa is an informal organisation where the intern’s opinion is as important as any other.


Sitting on treasure

We have worked on interesting projects over the years and looking back over this time, we realised that we are sitting on a goldmine of information. That is why we have decided to bundle and share our experiences in an online library. Through this reflection on our work, we want to make a positive contribution to the debate about sustainability in the construction world. In our online library you can read about inspiring experts who talk passionately about their products. We are very much interested in discovering interesting places, working with creative makers and ambitious clients.


An open method

By sharing our experiences with the outside world, we want to inspire others. Despite the diversity of these subjects, they have one thing in common: they all stem from the two pillars of our work: tailored and sustainable architecture. Anyone willing to question existing beliefs and make progress along the two pillars - tailored and sustainable - is cordially invited to participate.

KevinVeenhuizenArchitects teamfoto kevin veenhuizen

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KevinVeenhuizenArchitects M3 Consultancy kevin veenhuizen

KevinVeenhuizenArchitects Butterfly Roof kevin veenhuizen

Photography Courtesy of Kevin Veenhuizen Architects

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