Leopold Banchini Architects
On architecture and beyond
Geneva, CH

Leopold Banchini Architects was founded in 2017 by Leopold Banchini out of a desire to follow his instinctive interests. Based in Geneva, the office is a multidisciplinary research team exploring the frontiers of space shaping. Deliberately ignoring borders and embracing globality, it aims to expand the traditional definitions of project making using DIY culture and eclecticism as means of emancipation. Deeply rooted in architectural history, it is interested as well in contemporary popular cultures as in vernacular traditions and crafts.


Going solo

Until 2017 I worked with an associate under the name of BUREAU A. Three years ago, I decided to go solo. This allowed me to start from scratch and completely reinvent my practice. It also gave me more freedom of movement to follow my interests, friends, love or desire. At this stage, I cannot imagine running a large office so we stay as small as possible.


Life beyond architecture

Although I am passionate about my work, it is not my only interest. I try to only work a few days a week and travel as much as possible. This autumn I am planning to take a (very) long paternity leave and maybe even start another job.  


Analog approach

I enjoy hand work and model making more than sitting in front of a computer. As such, I would always dedicate more space for construction than tables for computers. As the office is very small, we all do a bit of everything, but it also means that I am aware of each drawing produced by the office.


Expectations met

For some inexplicable reason, it seems that the project I always dreamt of doing as a student came to me. Maybe because they were small creative projects rather than large developments! Thankfully my dreams keep on evolving and there is always something to chase. 


Towards a 100% creative day-to-day

As most architects, I dream that my daily job can remain creative, no more emails, administration, or boring meetings. I am working hard to make this as real as possible, even if it might mean refusing projects. I am also getting frustrated with the growth of virtual interactions and would like to make sure to be always in direct contact with the construction process.








Photography Courtesy of Leopold Banchini Architects

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