Pablo Pita
Achieving a work culture
Porto, PT

PABLO PITA is a Porto-based architecture partnership between Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita established in 2010. Their different working background allows them to take up every challenge, seeking the balance between the strong-concepted approach and the filigreed intervention that any site demands. That pursuit results in a nonrestrictive study covering every art form, always heading towards the client's needs.


Growing into a strong team

Pablo Pita started from our shared will and need to develop our own work and studies. Having studied together in FAUP, and being long-time friends made us join forces. The fact that we shared many interests and lived architecture with the same intensity helped not only to take that next step but also to endure through the years. Currently, we are a team of five with an important group of people that helped us grow in the last years.


Garnering victories

The practice started like many other young studios. We took the credibility path focusing on small local commissions while also investing time in big international competitions. This contrast of scales and processes interested us, and it was something that structured the way we work until today. We were lucky to win a large international competition in Zagreb - Badel Block - in our early days, and also managed to collect some victories through the years - most recently we are doing the Mechanized Accesses in the center of Porto, that we won with depA. We also collect a proud collection of failed competitions that we always consider as an important part of our growth and formation. Nothing is lost.


Living architecture intensely

Process is not magic, like Charles Eames would say. Our days at the studio are filled with a good dose of unshakable certainties and unreasonable contradictions. That is also the beauty of the journey, and since we all share the same working space, it is normal to revisit the same discussions about use, composition, proportion, typology and so on... It makes us face our own preconceptions and helps us live the discipline intensely in a very informal atmosphere.


Non-architectural knowledge

We have changed the location of our studio several times, but from the very beginning, we always tried to share the space with friends from other artistic fields. From composers, designers, programmers, 3D artists, musicians, film producers, or photographers - it is important for us to have them in our daily routines and they have always been an important part of how we live our work. The barrier between professional and private life gets diluted this way and we don't feel trapped in an architecture bubble. Those who know only architecture, actually cannot really know architecture at all.


Achieving a work culture

When you set up your own studio you have to face this rollercoaster of great highs and frustrating lows. One of the biggest disappointments is the time that everything takes, and the amount of time that is taken by all the bureaucracy. Many opportunities are lost in this time frame, and there is so much room to improve, regarding this matter. We deal with new challenges every year that apparently have nothing to do with architecture. Growing a business, leading a studio, managing people - taking one step at a time consciously and responsibly is one of the biggest challenges we face. This awareness of the ideal studio scale is something that we discuss often, in order to stay connected to the process. And that has a big impact on projects you develop and on the culture of work that you set to achieve.

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