Rigorous analysis
Prague, CZ

The architectural studio re:architekti was established in 2011 with a vision of working on urban tasks. Led by Michal Kuzemenský, David Pavlišta, Ondřej Synek, Jan Vlach, and Jiří Žid, the studio works closely across various projects while the essence of their work lies in their deep-rooted interest in context, sensitivity and empathy.

Kicking off
In 2010, we all participated in the re:vodňany summer school of architecture in Vodňany, South Bohemia, as graduating students and fresh graduates. Michal was invited as a lecturer. The theme was a reflection on the problems of the smaller Czech city - from urban planning, to architecture; from landscape, to public spaces, to urban detail. We dealt with identity, satisfaction, quality, etc. We worked together, and did not race each other. Instead we discussed with the lecturers, lived together, ate together, 14 days of great concentrated work. After that, in a smaller team, we started our first similar jobs, then we won some competitions and that was it.

A trick up their sleeve
We believe in rigorous analysis, in comprehensive reflection on possible solutions, and in open debate within the team. The form is the instrument and we need to know what for. We have won many competitions and failed in many. It depends on a good jury and a client who knows what he/she wants. And the trick to a competition? To choose the right one, and to design and present smart.

Getting dirty
We are heroes! We have families, homes, most of the partners have kids, go on vacations with them, cook them dinners and do homework with them, and we do great architecture at the same time. Is it possible to do great architecture without experiencing "normal" life? No! We said no to long hours and yes to lunches together. We need to get out of the polished design magazine showcases, get off the pedestals of exclusivity, put on the rubber boots and get out of the studio! Let's get dirty while cleaning, while wiping butts, while trying to get the stroller on the tram! The world is complex, architecture is complex, dirt is everywhere. 

A lack of hierarchy
We stay in a beautiful apartment in an iconic functionalist house in the hipster Letná district of Prague. The apartment has 3 rooms. There are 13 of us. The flat is small. We don't fit. We hope it doesn't affect the way we work, but we know it does. Hopefully we'll finally move. From a nice apartment, in hipster Letna, to something bigger, where we can be more concentrated. And we'll get organised and finally create hierarchies! 

A persistent surprise
We wanted to do architecture in the broadest sense and we are doing architecture in the broadest sense. From master plans, to houses, to door handles. What surprises us every day is how many times we have to explain everything over and over again and how complicated and long it is to complete what we have designed.

Next Steps
1) Move! 
2) Grow and not lose what is good,
3) Seek, however complicated it all gets,
4) Shape the surrounding environment, the social as well as the material,
5) be RE:ARCHITECTs no matter "who" it is.

IMG 7661 Ondej Synek

IMG 3581 Ondej Synek

IMG 4761 Ondej SynekIMG 9790 Ondej SynekPhoto courtesy of re:architekti

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