ŠA Atelier
Architecture and narrative
Vilnius, LT

Šarkauskai Architecture Atelier is a union of two authors with a creative approach to space, founded by Gabrielė Šarkauskienė and Antanas Šarkauskas. The atelier designs residential, recreational and public buildings, outdoor spaces, interiors and furniture while also parallelly holding educational architectural workshops for children.


Establishing the atelier

We met while completing a Master’s degree at university in Vilnius, after which we did an internship together in Lisbon, Portugal. We started out as friends and colleagues, after coming back to Vilnius, Lithuania and then got married. At the time we were working in different architectural offices. We worked together from time to time, but it was rather like a hobby. Over time, the works started to get more serious until they increased and became the main ones. Eventually, we founded “ŠA atelier”. The title is an abbreviation of our surname "Šarkauskai Architecture Atelier".


An unexpected outcome

One of the first of our widely-received recognition was the project of our own apartment. As young architectural practitioners, for obvious reasons we had a pretty tight budget. After finishing, we considered not disclosing this humble project to the public. However we had photos and we published them without any expectations. It turned out to receive far more attention than other more completed, richer works of ours. It took off and basically brought us more commissions. What happened is that the message and our own story resonated with the audience. And so we experienced the value of architecture enriched with narrative.


Remaining open in a closed environment

We live together and work together in a home studio. Our work and life often align together. It would not be possible to draw lines between them. It is like an organic process moving from one state to another. Sometimes the question arises as to whether we work at all? Or maybe we just live and do what we love to do? However, in such a closed work and living environment, it is very important to remain open for education, projects and communication with other artists and architects.


Following the creative line

The chosen format of our architecture firm is reflected in the name "Šarkauskai architecture atelier". The word Atelier means that it is a small home studio consisting of two people Gabrielė Šarkauskienė and Antanas Šarkauskas. We don’t have any staff or helpers, we do everything ourselves and work from our home studio. As a result, the number of projects we realise is not huge. We accompany them all from the beginning to implementation, emphasising the importance of the creative line.


Achieving fulfilment

We think that there are two types of wishes. The ones you wish for and the ones you execute. And only the pursued wishes are real desires for which one can sacrifice everything. So if you don't find yourself in some admired position probably it is not the one you truly wished for. Our atelier wishes are directed more towards creative freedom rather than specific typology. And the sense of fulfilment is in each work that touches the public.


Working towards feeling free

We do not usually plan work for the future, it generally comes on a chain basis. When you finish one object, it will bring another or even a couple of new ones. Next year we plan to spend more time on construction sites waiting for the implementation of two houses and one recreation complex. Also, we will test a new area of work - exhibition architecture. The main goal for the future is to feel comfortable and free in the vortex of these processes.

SA atelier Gabriele and Antanas SA atelier

Photography Courtesy of ŠA Atelier

024 Apartment photo.Darius Petrulaitis SA atelier

Photography Darius Petrulaitis

015 KOKO boutique Norbert Tukaj 1 SA atelier

Photography Norbert Tukaj

019 Cabin  photo.Vaidotas Darulis 1 SA atelier

Photography Vaidotas Darulis

001 JNBY Norbert Tukaj 1 SA atelier

Photography Norbert Tukaj

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