Studio Didea
A constant attention to detail
Palermo, IT

Studio Didea is a studio based in Palermo, founded in 2012. They have developed a strong expertise in architectural and interior design within the residential and commercial sectors. Their work is aimed at the attention to detail and the design of all the elements that make up the space designed with a precision useful for craftsmanship.

Humble beginnings

We took our first steps as a studio right after graduation when we started to plan our idea of architecture and to design, free from conventions and conventional methods. We immediately took part in competitions in order to get good commissions. In the last few years we also received several international acknowledgements such as BigSEE design awards 2019 and 2020 but our core has always been, and still is, our work as designers of homes, retail and hospitality projects. 


Finding one’s identity

When we founded Didea Studio there were few other young architects in Sicily so we always worked with a clear focus on building credibility and recognizability as a studio. In order to do so, we had to overcome the distrust that clients usually have towards young architects. In March 2022, Didea Studio turns 10 and we are still growing up! Our approach to architecture is simple, clear and clean; we put so much love into what we do that our clients know that they can be safe and sound with us. One might say that our mischief is to just be ourselves.


An engaging profession

Today, exercising this profession in our current environment makes us some kind of heroes dedicated to improving the quality of life, in private and, most of all, in public spaces. We need to make people aware that a well-designed, functional and usable space makes us happier. Our work often keeps us far from our families, hobbies and friends, but we are so happy in what we do that we try to reconcile with our loved ones as much as we can. 


Forming a tight circle

Our studio was a former apartment and we decided to maintain its warm atmosphere. It is a fluid space. We usually use the meeting room for our weekly review which is very important to us: coordination and discussion are the starting points of our working week. We also dedicate a good amount of time to researching new materials. When we need to be alone to think or be quiet we have several smaller single/double rooms. We also have a beautiful terrace overlooking our marvelous Palermo where we can chill out a little bit. We are a very close group, hierarchies exist only to give us a certain methodology and order for our design processes.


Working towards a global perspective

Each day, we work to improve our research and work in residential, retail and hospitality which are the fields we’ve started working on, and would like to improve. Our dream, that is slowly turning into reality, consists of bringing our firm out of Sicily, and working with international clients. 


What's coming up?

Next step is conquering the world! Although that is a joke, we would really like to measure ourselves to international projects, eventually cultivating engaging relationships with more professionals and contractors that can integrate our view of architecture. We are very happy with our work, but we do love to dream big!

DiDeA 30 barbara scaglioniPhoto courtesy of Studio Didea

Gervasi studio didea Lorenzo Zandri 2020 11 barbara scaglioni

Gervasi studio didea Lorenzo Zandri 2020 3 barbara scaglioni

La Brace studio didea Lorenzo Zandri 2020 1 barbara scaglioni

La Brace studio didea Lorenzo Zandri 2020 6 barbara scaglioni

Photography by Lorenzo Zandri

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