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Photography Courtesy of Xavier Martín and Anna Martínez

Architectures from informal tourism (2020)
Playful living in nature
Xavier Martín Tost and Anna Martínez Duran

Camping is a tourist model based on the most primitive way of inhabiting nature: itinerancy. The nomad stands on the earth without disturbing it physically, but endowing it with meanings that establish links with the occupied places. Habitat in movement comes from the need to find shelter and food, but also from the desire to discover cultures or places. Thus, life on vacation, free and carefree, intensifies relationships between people and allows experimenting with new ways of living in community. Landscape, architecture and tourism are the three axes on which this reflection is raised around the campsite. This is a settlement based on the enjoyment of nature, whose aim lies in its respectful integration with the environment. The architecture raises the game board on which the inhabitants arrange their transportable accommodations, with informal, temporary occupations and with little footprint. In this way, the campsite has been able to preserve the qualities of extensive portions of the landscape that are becoming singularities in a coastal territory which has been consolidated by means of more stable settlements. This book raises a debate on the phenomenon of camping, with the conviction of clearing possible project paths for other camps. Its historical evolution and the recognition of this form of habitat reveal its architectural values as a respectful settlement with nature. A temporary, flexible way of living open to outer space, with the capacity to support the experimentation of active tourism in which the traveler is an inhabitant, and the habitat is traveled.


Bio Xavier Martín Tost: Architect (2012) and PhD (2018) by Universitat Ramon Llull (URL). Teacher in Composition and Design areas at School of Architecture La Salle-URL. Founder of Mixtura Architects studio from 2014. Anna Martínez Duran: Architect (1989) and PhD (2008) by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Former teacher in ETSAB (UPC), Escola Massana (UAB) and since 1998 in School of Architecture La Salle-URL from grade to PhD studies. Focused works in building and heritage. Both authors are members of IAM research group (Investigation on Mediterranean Architecture), which belongs to IAR group (Integrated Architectural Research) of School of Architecture La Salle-URL.

2020, Softcover edition, 17x21cm, 340 pages

Title Arquitecturas del turismo informal. El habitar lúdico en la naturaleza (Architectures from informal tourism. Playful living in nature)
Authors Xavier Martín Tost, Anna Martínez Duran Prologue Francesco Careri
Publisher Ediciones Asimétricas