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L Latitude Logbook
Andrea Aragone, Davide Cauciello, Marco Ranzato

CAVES—literally, Cellars—is an issue of the independent magazine L Latitude Logbook initiated in 2019 by the collective Latitude Platform for Urban Research and Design. CAVES reports about a collaborative research on the house basements that pixelate a very wide part of the underground of Brussels. CAVES is a complaint document being that it occurs that the cellars are inhabited spaces tormented by the unwanted emergence of water: soil moisture, rising of the water table, sewer back-up, run-off from the street or garden, passage of a buried stream. By means of photographs, micro stories, maps and drawings, CAVES seeks disclosing the often invisible, entangled, and inevitable relationships that over time the inhabitants of Saint Antoine, one of the poorest neighbourhood of Brussels, have built with the subsoil and its waters. CAVES renders the geography of a condition whose causes and responsibilities are multifaceted. CAVES claims that remedies to this structural problem affecting the households of the lowlands of Brussels have to be sought out by reviewing the engagement of different human and non-human bodies across the scales: from the single inhabitant with their own cellar to public-structural intervention at the regional and interregional levels passing by the key synergies that can be orchestrated among inhabitants of the same urban block up to the higher levels of solidarities..


Bio Latitude Platform is a platform engaged in context-based research and design. Latitude Platform works on well-established urban conditions and territories, as well as liminal physical and social contexts, experimenting with a wide range of tools for investigation and dissemination at the intersection between urban design and anthropology. Latitude Platform research practice is experimental, proposing creative and highly engaged methods and tools moving from well-established fields as for example spatial and territorial study, research by design, participatory and collaborative research, storytelling, visual methods, applied anthropology. Andrea Aragone, Davide Cauciello and Marco Ranzato are architects-urbanists and members of Latitude Platform.

2020, 230x330 mm, 140 pages

Title CAVES - L Latitude Logbook
Authors Andrea Aragone, Davide Cauciello, Marco Ranzato
Publishers Latitude Platform for Urban Research and Design
Graphic design LOOP Studio