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CO-OP City
Future Collective Domestic
Multiple Authors

CO-OP City: Future Collective Domestic is a design studio in the KTH ABE Urbanism Studies masters program taught by Malin Heyman, Alejandra Navarrete Llopis and James Hamilton. The work has taken as its departure point Hannes Meyer's 1929 manifesto Bauen and the 12 motivations for building listed in it. Over the course of 12 weeks in 2019 and 2020, students have explored how labour, leisure and living processes traditionally associated with private and domestic life can become collective and public, through the organization and collectivization of these daily life actions. The studio has been engaged in the production of interventions of civic programs in Mexico City that support the collectivization of the private domestic sphere. The work has attempted to address questions like “How can public and private spaces within the city be used and organized to facilitate the collectivization of fundamental urban life processes? Who is served by these spaces and what interventions—from the scale of objects to public spaces—need to be made in order to support them?” Using historical and contemporary references—such as Dolores Hayden and Anna Puigjaner—the work has been grounded in ongoing discussions about the relationships between space, place, gender, economics and politics.


Bio The authors of the six zines in the 2019 series of CO-OP City : Future Collective Domestic are the 19 students of the 2019 Urbanism Studies masters studio of the same name at the KTH School for Architecture and the Built Environment in Stockholm. The studio was taught by Malin Heyman and James Hamilton, adjunct faculty at the KTH School of Architecture and founders of the Stockholm architecture practice AT - HH.

2019-2020, stapled zines, 210x297mm, collection of 10, 14 pages, risograph printed

Title CO-OP City: Future Collective Domestic
Authors Malin Heyman, James Hamilton, Alejandra Navarrete Llopis, David Huber, Fernando Ocaña, Guillermo González Ceballos, Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman, Ricardo Roxo, Ambre Elsa Alfredo, Leonardo Baron Zenari, Mayra Milena Campanha Reis, Maia Cavendish, Zehra Chughtai, Sued Ferreira da Silva, Simon Fique, Shayan Khilji, Svenja Marie Krings, Sven Lindemann, Michael Mallinder-Macleod, Sandra Yael Mekler Bensadon, Jon Nilsson, Divya Ramasamy Venkatesamoorthy, Benjamin Schäfer, Lizaveta Shylichava, Irena Toljan, Eleni Konstantina Vlachaki Stamatopoulou, Johan Wide
Editors Malin Heyman, James Hamilton, Alejandra Navarrete Llopis