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Embodying Otherness
Edited by Elahe Karimnia and Fani Kostourou (Theatrum Mundi)
Multiple authors

Embodying Otherness asks what kind of questions or discussions in city-making may necessitate an engagement of choreographic thinking? How can an understanding of our bodily senses, functions, movements and intellect contribute to an augmented ability to speculate on future city-dwelling? This publication disseminates archived works and research of Theatrum Mundi, themed around the notions of bodies and othering alongside new commissions. It investigates choreographic thinking and embodiment as the interrelation between location, identity and knowledge and suggests an epistemological condition and a kind of knowingness to practices of city-making.

The publication is in two parts; the first part features thought pieces, responses to live events, experimental workshops and conversations, as both archived and new commissioned works, arranged into four themes, emerged from the archive: Force, Codes, Flux, and Contingencies. They propose a bodily understanding of power, politics, rules, mobility, interactions, rhythm, temporality, presence and identity. The second part of the publication foregrounds six propositional projects as alternative approaches and possibilities of bridging the performative potentials of choreography into architecture and urbanism.

Bio Elahe Karimnia is Associate at Theatrum Mundi on Urban Research and Spatial Practice. She is an urbanist and architect, engaged in research, developing methods and teaching at the intersection of urban design and critical theory. She is interested in plural narratives and multiple temporalities of cities and publishes on dialectical approaches in producing publicness. Elahe holds a PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and has studied and worked in Tehran, Stockholm, Toronto and London.

Fani Kostourou is an Associate at Theatrum Mundi leading on Research, Design and Creative Development. She is an architect and urbanist, holding a PhD from UCL Bartlett and teaches at Cardiff University, the University for the Creative Arts, and UAL Central Saint Martins. Fani is doing research, organises events, and publishes internationally on design, computation, critical and interdisciplinary spatial theories, housing, and urban cultures.

Contributions by Elahe Karimnia, Fani Kostourou, Rebecca Faulkner, Paul Setúbal, Andrea Cetrulo, Ellie Cosgrave, Blanca Pujals, Paolo Patelli, Giuditta Vendrame, Matthias Sperling, John Bingham-Hall, Rennie Tang, Lisa Sandlos, Luke Gregory-Jones, Pepa Ubera, Adesola Akinleye, Richard Sennett, Pedro Varella, Julie Desprairies, Takako Hasegawa, Sara Wookey, Gilles Viandier, Gry Worre Hallberg, Preetha Narayanan, Hagit Yakira, Siobhan Davies, Cecily Chua, Marcos Villalba.

Soft Cover Paperback, Perfect Bound, 115x 201 mm, 100 pp and 2 colours