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Foresturbia (2015)
Manual for a landscaped city
The Empire - Office U67

“Foresturbia” is the outcome of a practice-based research. This unsolicited applied project is addressed firstly to Oslo municipality: methodologically, it aims not to find solutions but to gain generalizable knowledge about design problems and potential ways of understanding sustainable living at different scales. The first iteration of the manual has been developed in the frame of a large-scale competition that engaged with one of the most rapidly changing and complex areas of Oslo, Hovinbyen. While developing our competition proposal we realized that the challenges we were facing in Hovinbyen –in infrastructural, environmental and social terms– were not limited to this specific area and could be extended to a wider geographical context sharing the same climate conditions. The Manual contains a wide array of landscape and urban strategies combined with technological solutions that should be taken into account by all decision makers, designers and citizens that will face the development of Oslo and also of others cities. “Foresturbia” aims at setting new standards in the field of landscape, green approaches and practices, boosting the potentialities already available within the city. It puts the users in the center, thanks to its easy understandable drawings and captions. The aim is to introduce topics and strategies that could be very complex in a new immediate understanding. It is based and relies on a common language, which can be easily understood by a reasonably wide group of people. Its form is closer to the proportions and size of a guide-book, which can be consulted under very different conditions.


Bio The Empire is an architecture and planning office founded in 2013 by Ludovico Centis. The office’s wide-ranging activity involves both design and teaching, and both research and writing. The Empire designs interiors and ephemeral installations, buildings and public spaces, large-scale projects and territorial visions. The Empire’s research focuses on the ways in which individuals and institutions, as well as desires and power, shape cities and landscapes. Office U67 ApS is the architectural research-based practice by Angela Gigliotti and Fabio Gigone, in Scandinavia since 2013. U67’s works have been awarded, exhibited, and published in international contexts. It operates across practice and education.

2015, Softcover, 105x190 mm

Foresturbia - Manual for a landscaped city
Author The Empire - Office U67