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Hidden Architecture
Alberto Martinez Garcia and Hector Rivera Bajo

Hidden Architecture (HA) was created in 2015 by Alberto Martinez Garcia and Hector Rivera Bajo. The publication showcases theories, manifestos, constructions, and unbuilt architectural projects removed from official historiography. Created as a spirited and dynamic platform for research, archiving, and divulgation, the publication proposes a peripheral editorial approach that converses with canons and established narratives. Focused on two substantial undertakings, an “Atlas” and a “Journal,” HA uncovers and interconnects lesser-known projects, acknowledges their contributions, and expands on new ways to examine said projects. The “Journal” is a biweekly publication that presents architectural projects organized around topics such as ecology, sustainability, urbanism, memory, gender, social housing, manifestos, vernacular architecture, and others. The “Journal” also includes a series of reviews of books. Moreover, the “Atlas” is an ambitious parallel endeavor that organizes and filters the projects published in the “Journal” under a series of categories: year, typology, location, architectural element, and architect, to name a few. This categorization powered by a search engine allows for the visualization of unprecedented affinities between projects. The continuous growth of this “Atlas” emphasizes the complexity of architecture circumventing hierarchies and integrating different discourses in one platform.

Hidden Architecture has been widely awarded, exhibited, and published, including the COAM Award 2016 (from the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid), the Venice Architectural Biennale 2018, and the XIII Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in 2016. The online publication has about 135 thousand page views per month from the five continents.

Bio Alberto Martinez Garcia is an architect from the School of Architecture of Madrid and holds a master's degree in architecture from The Cooper Union of New York, where he currently lives. Martinez Garcia is interested in ecology, domesticity, and furniture design.

Héctor Rivera Bajo is an architect from Higher Technical School of Architecture of Alcalá . After some years studying and working at Lisboa and Madrid, he currently lives in Zürich. Rivera Bajo's interests are focused on the use of spatial patterns within the domesticity realm to trace Territorial Hierarchies and produce identity by social and community space.

Title Hidden Architecture
Authors Alberto Martinez Garcia and Hector Rivera Bajo
Format Digital