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INK 36
La Rivoluzione delle Seppie

INK 36 is a collection, which gives voice to concrete actions and innovative ideas by aggregating different contents into a paper space. INK 36 issue #4 is special, not only because it was developed during a global pandemic, but above all because it is the result of an editorial project carried out by the hyper-collective La Rivoluzione delle Seppie, together with a network of students, academics, migrants and professionals who collaborate through a series of online and offline meetings and who create synergies on the Calabrian territory. Its contents were developed following the residency work undertaken during Crossing 2020 SE in Belmonte Calabro. In this issue, the outcomes of the main residency themes based on the research of Glocal Tools were discussed. The defined eight tools, which characterize the operational approach of La Rivoluzione delle Seppie, derived from the know-how accumulated so far by the collective for the future construction of marginal places. Passing through the work of the Construction, Communication and Theory groups, discussions were made which lead to a dual dynamic process. One hand to the elaboration of an alternative model of living and working collectively, and on the other, to the exchange of knowledge from living in a place temporarily but constantly, so that experimental and conceptual forms can manifest, fostering a different concept of participatory approach to public living.

Bio La Rivoluzione delle Seppie is an active group of young international professionals operating in marginal rural Calabrian areas (South of Italy) with a transdisciplinary approach in marginal rural areas. We operate in the voids of the territories, both physical and virtual, in search of abandoned shells, occupying the space and assuming its shape. Their aim is to create a new community by feeding it through the exchange of knowledge to live in a place temporarily but constantly. They are looking for a new model of living and working collectively, as opposed to a hyper-specialised and competitive work culture.

Stapled, Folded A3 papers, 36 pages

Authors Matteo Blandford, Francesca Bova, Carlotta Franco, Lemonot, Orizzontale, Lapo Binazzi, Marco Brizzi, Roberto Zancan, Rita Elvira Adamo, Eleonora Causin, Ian Bugarin, Luca Pitasi, Giulia Ricci, Gerardo Cleto, Gerardo Vespucci, Roberto Pantaleoni, Maximilia Hogrebe
Editor Antonio Sartori 
Location Italy
Publisher La Rivoluzione delle Seppie