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La Mappa dell'Abbandono
Giacomo Zaganelli

'La Mappa dell'Abbandono (The Map of Abandonment)', the first volume of the series 'XXI. Artists'Guides', arises from the project of the same name which Giacomo Zaganelli, started in Tuscany in 2010 and still in progress, to stimulate increased awareness about an issue that is relevant today more than ever before: that of our abandoned heritage as as resource. In addition to the mapping of forgotten places in Tuscany, Zaganelli's research aims to focus on historical memory, land consumption and reuse strategies. The book 'translates' the digital project into a paper-based format, an artist's guide structured on two reading levels: six itineraries accompany the reader through about 40 of the most interesting places that have been mapped, while the lightweight pages represent the artist's notebook, with superimposed personal annotations and sketches that can be read simultaneously with the printed text. The book thus complete and reinterpretes the digital project that is expressed in the immediate contemporary language of the web, developing on paper the poetic and artistic side of Zaganelli's work.

Bio Giacomo Zaganelli is an artist, curator and cultural manager of projects aimed at the collectivity. Through his practice he investigates the social and public dimension of the concept of space, understood as the result of territory, environment and landscape. In the last fifteen years he has promoted and created numerous projects and activities in Italy, Europe and Asia. Among his recent projects the solo shows "Grand Tourismo" at Uffizi Galleries (2018/2019) and "Superficially" at MOCA Taipei (2018); the Setouchi Triennale 2019 in Japan and the Thailand Biennale 2021. In 2020 he won the Italian Council.

'La Mappa dell'Abbandono' is the first volume of the series: 'XXI.Artists' Guides'. A project ideated by Giacomo Zaganelli with Ginevra Marchi, owner of Centro Di publishing house. The series is composed by twenty artist’s guides corresponding to the twenty regions of Italy, in which each artist, following certain guidelines, will introduce us to, or revive our knowledge of the country in an alternative way to the usual touristic approach. Giacomo Zaganelli, beyond being the author of the first book, is the editor of the series and will select and accompany the contributors in the whole process.

Softcover; 15 x 21 cm; Black and white; 181 pages (bound) + 41 lightweight (glossy sheet) pages (hand bound); limited edition of 600.

Author Giacomo Zaganelli
Location Florence (IT), Berlin (DE)
Publisher Centro Di, Firenze