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Landscape for Architects
Gabriele G. Kiefer, Anika Neubauer

Landscape for Architects presents an introduction that, in the manner of a series of lectures, addresses distinct aspects of landscape architecture. The volumes of this book intend to stimulate discourse and as such can be seen as a manual for interactive design. The core section of each volume is a catalogue of questions addressing key aspects in the form of QUESTIONS accompanied by abstract schematic drawings. This “study room” is complemented in some of the volumes by a corresponding section with case studies that illustrate possible ANSWERS. The aim of Landscape for Architects is not to communicate the rules of design but to stimulate the process of perception and understanding. By analysing and reducing the complex system of “design”, the authors have identified a set of common and generally applicable patterns and translated them into a series of fundamental questions. It is the task of the reader to determine the relevance of each question to their own design task. The volumes invite the reader to embark on further research of their own, to explore other sources with a view to expanding their knowledge and making new connections. The REFERENCES provide a starting point for independent research. The ANSWERS present a selection of actual concepts together with their underlying ideas and principles. The REFERENCES in this section refer back to the QUESTIONS in the first part. The combination of these two aspects – the identification of relevant questions as well as understanding possible solutions – help give direction to the reader’ own design process. The 5 trilingual volumes - Building, Landscape, Park, Qualities, Usage - together comprise more than 1000 pages and were published in August 2020 as the „Green Block“ by Birkhäuser. The second "Pink Block" including 5 more publications will follow in 2022.


2020, Softcover and hardcover, English + German + Spanish, 1 block, 5 books, 1048 pages, 651 drawings, 150x110mm

Title Landscape for Architects
Authors Gabriele G. Kiefer, Anika Neubauer
Editor Andreas Müller
Publisher Birkhäuser