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Le Biennali Invisibili
Animali Domestici

Le Biennali Invisibili is an online project authored by Animali Domestici (Alicia Lazzaroni and Antonio Bernacchi), Tijn van de Wijdeven, and Eduardo Cassina; commissioned by Goethe-Zentrum Baku and curated by Alfons Hug.

The project provides a non-linear form of storytelling through a series of eleven ‘invisible biennials’, each based on a fictional scenario created by the authors of the project, and accompanied by a critical response from an external contributor.

The eleven short texts are inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible Cities. They were written by the authors of the project in a collaborative manner, collaging together parts of the text, and adapting sections from the original book by Calvino.

Depicted by means of detailed immersive 3D environments, the imaginary biennial gatherings each have their own peculiarity, such as a biennial curated by a bot, a biennial where every decision is voted on collectively, a biennial by and for children, etc. Eleven contributors from the architectural, artistic, and cultural spheres were prompted with a biennial each, providing a point of critical reflection on the international biennial circuit. Through the interface with various externalities, like the network of contributors, spreading from New York to Hong Kong, the project becomes an open conversation, shaped also by contingencies. On the other hand, the incorporation of Calvino’s text fragments brought slight distortions and even moments of “lost in translation”, welcomed as inspiring detours.

Bio Alicia Lazzaroni and Antonio Bernacchi are the co-founders of Animali Domestici, a design practice with an active interest in non anthropocentric coexistence and ecology in its wider sense. Former instructors and coordinators in INDA, Bangkok, and are currently Assistant Teaching Professors at Aarhus Architecture School in Denmark.
Eduardo Cassina is an architect and urban sociologist. In 2014 he co-founded METASITU, an urban collective devoted to the exploration of new spatial pedagogies. He currently teaches architecture at INDA, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He co-runs an experimental architecture space, Monitor Lizard.
Tijn van de Wijdeven is an architect and educator. He currently teaches at INDA, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok where he was first year coordinator for several years amongst other roles. He also co-runs the experimental architecture space, Monitor Lizard.

2021, Digital showcase on dedicated webpage (lebiennaliinvisibili.org) including 11 subpages with texts, images, and 3D environments. Printed book of 52 pages with soft-cover in non-commercial edition.

Authors Animali Domestici (Alicia Lazzaroni and Antonio Bernacchi), Tijn van de Wijdeven, and Eduardo Cassina
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Commissioned by Goethe-Zentrum Baku