BIAN (Carmen Bentabol & Angel Cobo)

The 21st century is specially defined by the consumption increase, accelerated production and the massive training of people. The world of design and creativity are facing these frenetic rhythms, leaving an unsustainable system and a long trail of ideas that will never see the light. LIMBO tries to think about all those projects that were archived and fell into oblivion, generating an exhibition platform to explore Instagram and its filters as a tool to generate new architectural realities and spatial experiences on an international scale. So, LIMBO opened an international call to creators of architectural digital spaces built in three-dimensional formats, distinguished just by the origin of the projects to be presented, having two different categories: professional and academic projects.
Once the Call was closed, an expert jury selected twenty projects that the BIAN team developed into augmented reality Instagram filters. The works took part of a virtual exhibition in the social media, in the Centro de Residencias Artísticas of Matadero Madrid Instagram profile. This was the digital exhibition room where these forgotten projects lived, opened to everybody and everywhere. LIMBO is an artistic, collaborative, and sensitive project, but above all an idea adapted to current tools, we cannot progress if we do not apply our own discoveries to our old methods. Opening the window of virtuality is not a rejection of the interpersonal relationship, it is another new tool of experience that connect people internationally with art and culture, and in this case, with lost architectures.

Bio BIAN is a creative studio of transdisciplinary architecture, with a global conscience and beginnings in China, where their name comes from, BIAN (变), that in Mandarin, means change. An effective and necessary symbol to show that, although they started out as architects, it does not define or limit they. They create spaces, worlds and brand. Product and work. Multifaceted. Digital, events, on paper, in school. They are different from what is expected of this profession.

Authors BIAN (Carmen Bentabol & Angel Cobo)
Location Madrid, Spain
Publisher Matadero Madrid