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Más allá de lo humano (Beyond the human)
Bartlebooth (Antonio Giráldez López, Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera)

Más allá de lo humano (Beyond the Human) proposes to shift the focus of the architectural agency to become aware of the irrelevance of design processes and the critical responsibility of impact and decision in an ecosystem crossed by multiple tentacles, scales and territories. A critical movement to explore the territories, spaces and organisms that form a new multiple body that is no longer limited to the human, but goes beyond it.

A journey that goes from ecosystem transformations in tropical forests to data center architectures, from the creation of new minerals due to radiation to architectures with more-than-human users and from agricultural logistics infrastructures to the new unions around to digital platforms. Conversations, projects, research and theoretical texts that seek to escape nostalgia and understand and expand the problems around the question of the non-human, and how this affect architectural practice by broadening the gaze to an infinite spectrum of spatial possibilities.

Bio Bartlebooth is a publishing and research platform that examines contemporary spatial practice, founded in 2013 and led by Antonio Giráldez López and Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera . The project has been awarded by the BIAU in 2019, the BEAU and Arquia/Próxima in 2018. It was exhibited in the Spanish Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale and in 2021 they will curate Caring Assemblies. Positions on space-to-come at the Portuguese Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale. Antonio is a PhD architect and holds a MSc from ETSAM. Pablo is an architect and holds a MSc from ETSAM. They teach at SUR Escuela (CBA, Madrid) and are currently residents at the Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Authors Timothy Morton, Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea, Paulo Tavares, Takk (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño) and Miguel Mesa del Castillo, Fernando Cremades, Catia Faria, The Extrapolation Factory (Chris Woebken and Elliot P. Montgomery), Husos, Stephen Graham, Institute of Human Obsolescence (Manuel Beltrán), Víctor M. Sanz.
Location Lugo and Madrid, Spain
Editors Antonio Giráldez López, Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera
Publisher Bartlebooth