05 Panteon Magazine Foto di Emiliano Zandri Valeria Guerrisi

08 Panteon Magazine Foto di Emiliano Zandri Valeria Guerrisi

14 Panteon Magazine Foto di Emiliano Zandri Valeria Guerrisi


Photography Emiliano Zandri

Panteon (2019)
Panteon editorial board

Panteon is a systematic investigation on the lesser known architecture of the city of Rome, collected on papers of a 20th-century taste. The selected buildings, all erected within the GRA between 1911 and 1989, are related according to unusual analogies and topics, often ignored by the universities and the glossy pages of the mainstream publications. Panteon wants to start over the architectural debate from the buildings scattered in the tangle of this large city, since we believe that the quality of urban environment cannot overlook the good design of common architecture. Rome is obviously a pretext: like a team of haruspices, we interpret its guts, following real or hypothetical issues and urgencies that can be paradigmatic to other cities. Despite its very circumscribed identity, Panteon aims to disseminate the consciousness of the necessity to restart from small, widespread actions. A bilingual call for papers is proposed in every issue, as all the articles are delegate to other distinguished scholars and professionals. The editorial project was born within the ambition to provide a new – though anachronistic – way of intending the personal in-depth analysis, which requires time and space. The large and uncomfortable format, the length of the articles and the contents naturally invite readers to train their long-term memory, quoting Umberto Eco. Disguised as anachronistic, Panteon’s action is, in fact, now - the only possible time.


​​Bio Panteon was born within the walls of the Warehouse of Architecture and Research, but the editorial project took shape and developed through the collective work carried out by the editorial staff, made up of architects: they all are researchers, designers and independent photographers who embraced the initiative, not at all interested in closing theirselves in self-celebrating ivory towers.

2019, softcover, stapled, b/w printing, stapled, 297x420mm, 58 pages

Title Panteon
Authors Various
Editors Warehouse of Architecture and Research
Publisher Panteon