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Manuel García-Lechuz, Isabel Sebastián, Felipe Sancho, Clara Dobón, Antonio Clemente

PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 was the first collective exhibition about architecture and city imaginaries post-2020, a first common reflection from the architecture images produced within these last years by architecture students and professional studios to analyze and anticipate the incoming challenges and open fronts that architects are going to find after the global pandemics of COVID-19. Celebrated in Zaragoza, Spain, during October and November 2020, the exhibition counted with more than 2250 visitants, 135 participant students and young architects and a total of 400 images exhibited that composed the great imaginary of future cities collected in the show. To compile all of these images received and elaborate a categorization of them among the most representative topics they referred, we created the official catalog of the exhibition. The PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 publication is the summary of contents of the show installed in Zaragoza, a complete collection of images, considered in a broad sense, as renders, plans, sketches, model photos, collages, details and so on, between which the main crucial contemporary city challenges prompt as central motifs of every image: ecologies, networks, comfort, body, energy, coexistence, heritage, politics, crisis, etc. A general index for guiding visitors and participants through the purpose of the exhibition, in which additionally they could become part of the final PRE_IMAGINARY projected in the show room by scanning the QR codes attached to every image and so selecting the most related to their own imaginary of the city. Related to topics and images, the publication includes a selection of texts and articles written by members of the organizing team and architects such as María Auxiliadora Gálvez.

Bios PRE_IMAGINARIOS Project was devised by a group of young architects and architecture students from the School of Engineering and Architecture of Zaragoza in collaboration with Arte e Investigación Cultural SL Company. The direction team includes: Manuel García-Lechuz, Creative Director and Curator of PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 project; Clara Dobón, Curator of PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 exhibition; Antonio Clemente, Executive Director of PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 project; Isabel Sebastián, Chief editor of the PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 official catalog; Felipe Sancho, Chief editor of the PRE_IMAGINARIOS2020 official catalog.

Digital showcase on dedicated webpage ( ) including 11 subpages with texts, images, and 3D environments. Printed book of 52 pages with soft-cover in non-commercial edition.

Authors Manuel García-Lechuz, Isabel Sebastián, Felipe Sancho, Clara Dobón, Antonio Clemente
Editors Manuel García-Lechuz, Isabel Sebastián, Felipe Sancho
Location Madrid, Spain
Publisher Editorial Arte e Investigación Cultural SL