Repensar la Periferia Vol1 Huarte ChicasTotems Salome Wackernagel

Repensar la Periferia Vol1 Huarte Huerta Salome Wackernagel

Repensar la Periferia Vol1 Huarte Mapa Pamplona Salome Wackernagel

Repensar la Periferia Soto Lezkairu cRoman Rey Arias 4 Salome Wackernagel

Photography Roman Rey Arias

Repensar la Periferia Soto Lezkairu cGorka Beunza 11 Salome Wackernagel

Photography Gorka Beunza 

Rethinking the Periphery
by Ioar Cabodevilla Antoñana, Itxaso Iturrioz Zuluaga, Xabi Urroz Zabalza, Salomé Wackernagel

Rethinking the Periphery is a project which proposes a reflexion around the periphery of Pamplona in Navarra, Spain. It questions the role of culture in these neighbourhoods, and its relationship to the centre. Moreover, it aims to explore the necessities, requests and issues that the inhabitants of these zones are facing daily. The project started as a collaborative architecture residency at the contemporary art centre of Huarte (CACH), supported by the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) of Europe Creative. It then continued as a participative process driven by the architecture collectives Enter This (Berlin) and Orekari Estudio (Pamplona). The publication covers the four years of the project since 2016, and is divided in 4 volumes: the first one covers a two years process in the village of Huarte, and the self-construction of the “Tótems” (mobile cultural structures for the public space) ; the second one covers the process in the popular neighbourhood of Etxabakoitz and the participative conception of the “Burbuja Gigante” (Giant Bubble) ; the third one chronicles the urban discovery of the new neighbourhood of Soto Lezkairu and the auto-construction of the Poliedros (Polyhedrons) ; the last volume is a theoretical, European contribution to the thematic of the outlying horizons. It consolidates texts by the German artist Susanne Bosch, Georg Zolchow, Itxaso Markiegi and Axel Moreno, as well as photographic works by the collective Limiferia. Repensar la Periferia raises the question of the city’s relationship to its surrounding territory in our post-industrial, Anthropocene era.


Bio Ioar Cabodevilla, Itxaso Iturrioz and Xabi Urroz founded Orekari Estudio in 2012 in Pamplona. Orekari is an architecture collective which aim is to promote architecture, urban planning and the territory from a social and sustainable perspective. Salomé Wackernagel is a French, German & Swiss architect defending a pluri-disciplinary approach in her own practice of architecture. She co-founded the architecture collective Enter This in Berlin in 2012, working on architectural, social and cultural projects in different urban contexts with collaborative processes and participative projects. Orekari Estudio & Salomé Wackernagel work as a team on the project Repensar la Periferia since 2017.

2017-2020 (publication), Softcover, 4 volumes (80 pages each), 148x210mm, risograph printing

Title Repensar la Periferia / Rethinking the Periphery

Authors Ioar Cabodevilla Antoñana, Itxaso Iturrioz Zuluaga, Xabi Urroz Zabalza, Salomé Wackernagel

Editors Orekari Estudio & Enter This