Rotunda 3 19 Dennis Hankvist

Rotunda 3 7 Dennis Hankvist

Trema Rotunda1 B06 Dennis Hankvist

Trema Rotunda2 B18 Dennis Hankvist

Rotunda (1-3)
Dennis Hankvist, Malin Heyman and more

Rotunda is a series documenting contemporary scandinavian architecture. The ambition with Rotunda is to showcase the current and the contemporary architecture that is happening in Scandinavia.


Bio Trema Förlag produces books in the fields of architecture and photography. It was founded by Dennis Hankvist in 2014 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hard cover, edition of 500, 230x300 mm, 184 pages

Title Rotunda
Authors Dennis Hankvist, Malin Heyman and more
Editor Dennis Hankvist
Publisher Trema Förlag