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Claudio Beorchia

Niches, aedicules and religious little temples, where the statuettes and effigies of the saints find shelter, underpin and characterize the Italian landscape. For years, decades, some for centuries, with their widespread presence, these saints supervise and protect the towns and cities; and, from another point of view, they are the privileged witnesses and observers of the transformations that have occurred and take place in them. But what do the saints see today from their positions? “Saintscapes” is the result of a photographic project which aims to provide an unprecedented portrait of the Italian urban landscape, showing what the saints, from their strategic locations, see of the cities. Operationally it is a simple project: going in search of niches and little temples and taking a photo, placing the viewfinder of the camera in correspondence with the eyes of the saints, showing what they see in front of them. Thanks to the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Milan, the project has taken a participatory form, in an ambitious initiative that has involved the entire Lombardy. Thanks to a series of meetings and presentations, we involved more than 250 people who sent us over 2900 images seen through the eyes of the saints. An exhibition at the Contemporary Photographic Museum of Milan in 2019-2020 and Saintscapes tell the results of the entire project.

Bio Claudio Beorchia (born in Vercelli, Italy, 1979 - lives and works near Venice) is an interdisciplinary artist. He studied art and design at the Iuav University of Venice and at the Academy of Fine Arts “Brera” in Milan. He holds a PhD in Design Sciences at the Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments at the Iuav University. His works have been exhibited in numerous occasions in Italy and abroad. He has been artist in residence in Italy, several European Countries, China, Japan and United States.

Hardcover, 11x16cm, 700 pages, 1000 images circa in color and b/w, bilingual: Italian and English.

Author Claudio Beorchia
Location Refrontolo, Treviso, Italy
Editor Matteo Balduzzi
Publisher Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea - Milano / ViaIndustriae Publishing - Foligno