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the lean.city / design+experience+new media for Millennials and Generation Z
Federica Marchetti

"Space, Project, Complexity. The transformation of contemporary cities is the transformation of the concept of space and how the project defines it. The element of novelty from which to start reflections is represented by the advent of digital culture, new online media and related technologies. A change that has affected people’s lives and is producing characteristic results that are now part of the lifestyle of the Millennials and Generation Z, the so-called digital natives. From the relationship between this condition and the design of the space, it is possible to recognize some effects. These are situations generated by the hybridization of material and immaterial dynamics, but also by a different approach to the traditional categories and typologies: inside and outside, public and private, online and offline. Dynamics that take shape starting from the relationship with people, in their real and virtual dimension and with respect to the experience they make of the space itself. For this reason, this research moves transversally to traditional design scales and sees the urban dimension as a container of complexity and not as a specific scalar choice. As Andrè Corboz wrote "if it becomes a question, the gaze generates a field”, starting from this question and from the observation of the phenomena within the city, the research tries to recompose a system of situations, which by affinity and differences, allows to evaluate the effects of the digital revolution within the design of the space. The aim is to go beyond the concepts of the so-called Smart City, to understand which processes can be effective to reach a definition of space, whose traces we can already read in everyday reality. The apparent vastness of the eld of investigation has a possible perimeter, because there is a common approach to the project, more agile, streamlined – lean – and shared with people."

Bio Federica Marchetti is Architect and Phd in Architectural, Urban and Interior design at Politecnico di Milano. She studied at the University of Roma Tre and at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She collaborated in teaching activities and researches at Politecnico di Milano, University of Roma Tre and USC - University of Southern California. In 2016 she co-founded Superficial, a creative studio focused on brand experience, graphic, exhibit and editorial design.


Title the lean.city / design+experience+new media for Millennials and Generation Z
Authors Federica Marchetti
Publisher Self-published