LANZA Atelier
Ciudad de México, MX; and sometimes Madrid, ES

LANZA Atelier is an architecture workshop founded in 2015 by Isabel Abascal and Alessandro Arienzo. The studio understands the architectural project as a constantly fluctuating process which is subject to various forces, a malleable element. The architecture of LANZA Atelier is conceived as the construction of a contemporary space whose energy can last forever. The ulterior leitmotiv of our practice is to find and contribute to the beauty of the world.

Fundamental concepts

At the end of 2014, while we were living in São Paulo, Brazil, we were commissioned to design a series of public bathrooms and kiosks in Ecatepec, State of Mexico. That was the very first project that LANZA built and it already contains many of the concepts and discussions that drive our practice.

Learning from low-tech

We mostly design and build in Mexico: Mexico City, State of Mexico, Oaxaca, Nayarit, Quintana Roo. However, we have developed projects in the United States: New York, San Francisco, Brazil: São Paulo, and also in Spain: Madrid, Logroño, where we feel tremendously happy to work as half of our family lives in Madrid. Working in Mexico connects us a lot with manual processes. We are interested in having creative dialogues with woodworkers, welders, tile makers, and so on, learning from their handcraft abilities.

A diverse clientele

We started LANZA developing mostly exhibition design projects for museums. Along the years all types of commissions have appeared, from private housing and object design to public infrastructure.

An open studio

We remain optimistic and grateful for what we have accomplished. We absolutely love architecture, so most of LANZA's team thinks about architecture 24/7, either at the studio, traveling, or dreaming. Our headquarters are located at a vecindad from the 1940's with a long central patio that 16 two story houses share. Everybody at the office is welcome to contribute to all stages of the design process.

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