New Generations Festival 2022 | Programme
Royal Academy of Spain and other locations
Rome, IT

This September 21-24, New Generations will have the privilege to host the 10th edition of the New Generations Festival at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. Titled “New Urban Challenges”, the Festival will see the participation of more than 30 international guests, through a series of public lectures, exhibitions, online events, and satellite activities. Through this edition of the Festival we would like to analyse how European emerging architects introduce new solutions to urgent matters through innovative design. Get a sneak peek of the program here:

August 26 - September 25

Reading Room exhibition
Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

September 14, 15, 16 (18:45 - 19:30h)
Brainstorming session. Printing, Publishing: Anticipatory Editorial Practices

September 21 (18:30 - 20:00h)
Exhibition opening, "New Austrian Architecture"
Forum Austriaco di Cultura Roma

September 22 (19:00 - 20:45h)
Festival presentation and 10x10 challenges
Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

September 23 (18:45 - 20:00h)
Research, editorial
La Sapienza

September 23 (19:00 - 20:45h)
SHE ARCHITECT. Design and challenges in the practice
Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

September 24 (19:00 - 20:45h)
10x10 challenges
Royal Academy of Spain in Rome

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The festival is curated by Gianpiero Venturini, on behalf of the New Generations Cultural Association, with the support of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, AC/E through their mobility programme PICE, Istituto Slovacco a Roma, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Centro Ceco Roma, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport, Forum Austriaco di Cultura Roma, Accademia di Danimarca. Sponsored by Huguet. The project has been awarded the public tender “Estate Romana 2020 - 2021 - 2022” promoted by the Department of Culture Rome.

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