A Guy, a Bulldog, an Edible Garden, and the Home they Share
by Husos Architects

The vegetation helps prevent the home from overheating in summer and cools the interior, avoiding the use of air conditioning.

Madrid and its surrounding area suffer from a serious lack of water, so with the help of agronomists and programmers, Husos designed a system to recycle grey water from the shower to irrigate tomatoes, herbs and other plants in the vegetable garden.

Along the balcony, on the inside, a micro-landscape of tubes and filters has been created leading from the shower, a prototype for alternative objects of desire for a new, hypothetical, sustainable era.

This micro-landscape makes the flow of water visible in a didactic way, proposed as a model that could be replicated in many other homes.

Instead of focusing on the bedroom as the only place to rest, the architects created a periscopic capsule for taking siestas.

Since a doctor’s work hours are variable, he catches up on sleep after night shifts by taking long naps during the day.

Apart from a variety of functions, the siesta capsule also serves to receive intimate friends in the living room. The capsule is part of a 1.5 m wide strip, in which a dressing-room, a store room and the main bedroom for sleeping at night are situated.

It can also be converted into a guest room, obviating the need for opening out a sofa bed in the living room. It can also become a place to watch films by sliding down a compartment that serves as a projection screen

In the case of occasional encounters, the living room is frequently a central place in gay sexual culture in Madrid, often reserving the bedroom for closer relationships.

These islands are fixed to the floor with suction cups, which means they can be repositioned at any time.

Foreseeing that there would be excess produce from the vegetable garden, the users have the option of sharing this produce with neighbours, work colleagues, or loved ones, thus widening the relational capacities of the home.

Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2017-2018
Camilo García and Diego Barajas (Husos Architects)

Collaborators Francesca Beltrame, Agustina Zaratiegui, Álvaro Heredia,
Estafanía Roiko, Giulia Poma, and Wiktoria Stepien
Consultants Verticales formé (carpentry), Atipical (building, facilities),
Nuria Preciado (agronomist), Antonio Gámiz (agronomist), César Nunes, Julián Pérez,
Chema Blanco, Mecanismo (structural consulting)
Photography José Hevia

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