A house in Ancede
by atelier local

This private house project is representative of the Portuguese duo idea of architecture as a practice expected to cross various scales as well as ongoing process.

The house was initially conceived as a refurbishment because of the presence of a stone ruin on the plot.

After a series of wildfires, the land became part of a national ecological reserve and the stone ruin was too small…Building a new house was no longer possible.

The first proposal was to dismantle and reassemble the existing stone ruin, offsetting two walls for the required extra space .

The original prospect was to build a 300 sqm extension however the allowed footprint only could be extended from 35 to 60 sqm.

Due to pandemic, wars, and crisis combined with the current shortage of skilled construction labor in Portugal, its original design became impossible.

In the ecological spirit it presupposed, roof and slab structures ought to be built in wood and thermal insulation with cork panels. Like everything else, new wooden frames were to be custom designed.

Its construction became the cheapest imaginable: exposed concrete pillars and beams, ordinary concrete blocks, water-resistant MDF, standard aluminum frames.

All the original stones of the house were reused to build retaining walls. Richness of space resulted from its economy and minimal gesture.

A project by atelier local
Location Ancede, Baião, PT
Year 2018-2023
Construction team Varandas & Alpendres + Carpimestre
Photography © Francisco Ascensão

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