A House with Four Gardens
by draftworks* architects

In the project, designed by draftworks* architects, the enclosed garden becomes part of the domestic life, and in close relevance to the daily domestic routine.

A 16x16x5m box includes the necessary living spaces for the daily routine: a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom and a small play space.

Such as for sun filtering, temperature control and airflow control.

The different orientations of the gardens are destined to offer comfort in the various seasons of the year.

The gardens filter the sun during the day, allow the breeze to enter the house, offer exterior spaces for the different seasons and organize the interior circulation.

For the construction, draftworks* used simple materials produced by local industries, such as concrete systems, and wood and metal work made by local craftsmen.

Location Nicosia, Cyprus
Surface 170 sq.m.
Authors Christiana Ioannou, Christos Papastergiou
Consultants Nikos Kalathas, Nikos Kypris, Christos Topouzis,

Savvas Christodoulou (EPS civil eng.), Prokopis Polydorou (Eplan electrical eng.), 
Polypro mechanical eng., Stelios Makrides (QS consultant)
Photography Maria Efthymiou Creative Photo Room

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