Parasite 2.0 & Zarcola

Conceived for the Yolk association, Aldo pavilion is a large lightweight interactive architecture.

Aldo has been Designed by a collaboration between the milanese based architecture practices zarcola architetti studio and Parasite 2.0 design collective, curated in its development by Gibel with the sponsor of Arno studio.

Students and educators are able to continually construct their teaching space together, being it based on flexibility and inclusiveness.

The slender structure, designed by studio zarcola architetti, supports a large canvas cushion that acts as a shading system.

The iron elements have dry-fit joints that allow rapid assembly and disassembly.

The covered surface is inhabited by a series of movable wooden objects on wheels, designed by the Parasite 2.0 collective.

Conceived to be a stage, a cabinet and a seat on several levels, these furnitures allow the enclosure to host a variety of activities.

The objects can be disassembled and reassembled at will as in a large construction game, giving space to new possible functions and uses.

The pavilion is now moving from a school courtyard in Tor Pignattara neighbourhood around the Roman suburbs to bring its new outdoor educational model.

Authors Zarcola architetti & Parasite 2.0
Collaborators Gibel & Arno Studio 
Location Itinerant, Rome (IT)
Year 2022
Client Yolk association
Photography Photo credits DSL Studio

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