Blue Signature
by Paradigma Ariadné

Hundreds of years ago Budapest was surrounded by boglands, complex natural wetland ecosystems, due to the proximity of the Danube River. Through centuries they were drained and now a very few hectares exist only: one of them survives untouched between one of the biggest shopping centers, and the M0 highway.

NHOOD Services Hungary Ltd. who handles the land decided to develop an Educational trail here, to show the richness of this natural environment and introduce its importance to the wider audience.

Paradigma Ariadné developed a series of 4 pavilions, with the same generic stepped shaped structure, and a 850 meters long trail.

These usual ancient monoliths want to avoid creating false feelings of naive naturality to highlight that everything on this trail was not originally here and it is an object with unknown roots.

From the distance it is obvious that these blue pavilions are artificial, but their functionality is not clear: sometimes they are a small exhibition space, sometimes a place for experiencing the soil, sometimes a lookout point or a climber.

The significant blue colour of the structures comes from the fact that blue and violet colours are the rarest colours in nature. Hence this basic colour highlights the inevitable human touch.

From a constructor point of view the biggest challenge was laying the foundations of the trail and pavilions on a marsh. The first solid layer of the ground, onto which it was possible to dig the ground screws, lays at a depth of 6 meters.

A project by Paradigma Ariadné
Location Dunakeszi, HU
Year 2023
Investor Ceetrus Hungary Ltd.
Developer NHOOD Services Hungary Ltd.
Interpretation design: Association of Cultural Heritage Managers
Graphic design Virág Kiss
Professional Partner: Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate
 © photo courtesy of Paradigma Ariadné

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