Bogen 131
by David Fink, Lukas Fink, Tobias Fink

Bogen 131 is part of Innsbruck's longest building: A railway viaduct which crosses the district of Saggen from the main station to the river Inn.

Located at number 131, it lies at the intersection of the historical inner city and a commercial zone – a place where different building types, programs and user groups come together.

David Fink, Lukas Fink, Tobias Fink were asked to convert a former darts club into a bicycle shop. In addition to the maximum utilisation of the existing structure and the re-use of existing materials, they tried to use the programme in order to create new qualities of public space.

With storage and a small workshop on the upper floor

The facade serves on the one hand as clear display and separation between inside and outside, and on the other hand it becomes a filter space which invites one to stay and rest.

The main entrance is marked by a large canopy, a bench and a shop window which create an intimate space in the city.

On the opposite side is a secondary entrance and delivery – visible through a cantilevered overhead crane.

That intertwines interior and exterior space with a large door on the top floor.

The shape of the windows is adapted to the existing facade openings. The interior is divided only by furniture, which separates the sales area from the serving area and develops a sculptural character from their respective function.

The project was realised during the global Covid-19 pandemic. For the whole building process a team of carpenters was permanently employed, the architects recount. For them, this condition allowed the coordination of the construction site from afar, as well as very specific technical solutions.

Authors David Fink, Lukas Fink, Tobias Fink
Year 2020-2021
Location Innsbruck, Austria
Structural Engineers tragwerkspartner zt gmbh
Photography Tobias Fink

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