Butterfly Roof
by Kevin Veenhuizen

The Butterfly Roof project by Kevin Veenhuizen Architects involves a special extension to an existing home in Amsterdam.

The new design of this extension transforms the former outdoor patio on the first floor, into a spacious kitchen diner.

Furnished with only bespoke furniture that is dedicated to family life; cooking, eating and relaxing together.

The design fully uses the given height of the existing patio walls, which extend to the second floor of the house.

In the new design, therefore, these exterior walls are insulated with retention walls, in order to guarantee the internal comfort of the new interior.

Within the same parameters of the original outer walls, a particularly customised timber roof construction was added. The purlins are configured at an angle, so that inclining daylight is filtered and rainwater flows to the lowest point into an integrated drain.

A glass roof has been installed on the timber butterfly roof construction in which electric skylights are integrated for natural ventilation.

On top of the outer walls lay laminated beams around, with a main beam running diagonal.

In the new space under the butterfly roof, custom-made oak furniture was designed. This creates a comfortable and light living space close to the new kitchen.

The dining table is the heart of the room and, together with the new seating area, contributes to a pleasant living space.The table can also be used as a pleasant workplace during the day.

The new walnut wooden kitchen is also custom made in this design. The dining table is also a  cooking island.

For additional storage space in the kitchen, a freestanding steel frame, oak finished kitchen cabinet has been designed.

Because this furniture has the same materialization as the kitchen table and the seating furniture, the furniture forms one whole and the total space gets a warm look. 

The original separation element between kitchen and hallway was also replaced. The addition of windows made the new separation element much more transparent. The cocoa-colored marmoleum floor also contributes to the experience of the space as a whole.

This contributes to the spaciousness of the new kitchen and the relationship between the front and back spaces on the first floor.

The butterfly roof and custom furniture thus contribute to a successful development. The design focus here is clearly not focused on creating only extra square meters, but on the personal use of space and comfort.

Author Kevin Veenhuizen
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year 2019
Size 47 sqm
Client Private
Collaborators Roel Huisman (Furniture builder), Corradi 
(Kitchen tops), Medal Totaal Onderhoud (Contractor)
Photography MWA Hart Nibbrig

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