“Calder-Picasso” Exhibition Design

The exhibition is a creative dialogue on the study of the void between two of the greatest art masters of the XXth century, Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. 

The proposed idea tries to create architectures that tend to go unnoticed, to be a mere support for generating dialogue between different pieces.

The whole exhibition is structured through several different reflections and approaches that the artists had on the subject. These small and discreet architectures attempt to become the support for these groups so that the viewer can better understand the dialogues that the curators wanted to emphasise.

One of the challenges for OOIIO was to give presence to objects that are almost invisible. In the exhibition there are several works that have been built with wires which float from the ceiling without taking up any space.

Hence, in their exhibition design, you can see discrete but resounding architectural elements such as a platform on the floor, or perhaps the “floor-wall” which underlines these delicate works while fulfilling several functions at the same time.

The project defines its own space for the artworks and enhances the perceptual size of the artwork. It intentionally groups works, keeps the public at a safe distance, and plays with shadows.

The filled void that displays a sculpture on its exhibition platform is a space created around the pieces thanks to the simple architectures that emphasise them and magically also become part of the piece.

Authors OOIIO Architecture (Joaquin Millán Villamuelas, Martina Almela Sena,
Ting-Yi Lin)
Year 2018-2019 (24/09/2019 to 02/02/2020)
Location Málaga, Spain
Surface 905 sqm
Collaboratos Málaga Picasso Museum (Builder), ERCO (lighting)
Client Málaga Picasso Museum
Photography Josefotoinmo

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