Casa DLS
by Galeotti Rizzato Architetti

Simple lines and authentic materials define the space of this architecture designed by Galeotti/Rizzato for a family, a single house on two levels plus an underground level.

The house, located in Treviso, Italy, is spread over a single, contained lot which generated the new volume.

This lot belongs to a former rural area that underwent a significant transformation during the seventies, becoming a residential neighborhood.

The existing house contained in the lot was built in the 70s, but it did not have the features to harbour this new family anymore and presented some important issues that could be solved only with its total demolition.

The concept behind this design is simple yet effective, with a square plan where spaces and functions are distributed thanks to a cross principle.

Concrete plays a central role in the development of this design, giving a precise character and identity to the building’s primary elements.

This identity is proposed again on the outside, with a big canopy and a dividing wall collaborating to create a well-defined outdoor space surrounded by the garden.

The central wall is structural and at the same time has a central organising task, becoming a side scene of the everyday life happening inside the house.

 Casted in place.

It sharply divides the living area, opens up where necessary to create connections between the different areas of the house and dynamically transforms itself to accommodate various devices.

For instance, a big opening is made at the ground level, allowing a concrete fireplace and sitting spot to take place between the dining and living rooms; hosts the stairway that connects all the house’s levels; at the first level it develops some empty spots in order to create overlooks on the double height of the dining room; at the underground level this wall, characterised by a slats texture, becomes the backdrop of a concrete bench.

The project develops the living area at the ground level. The hallway ends into the living area, highlighted by a double height and wide windows that overlook the garden. The kitchen, the living room, a bathroom and service spaces are located on this level.

With an entrance from the street defined by a black colored emptying of the facade.

At the first level three bedrooms and another bathroom are located. The underground level hosts the thermal power plant, a bathroom and a room with a kitchen overlooking a cavedium.

Linked through a wide hallway equipped with a glass parapet (guard) that allows you to look out into the double height opened on the lower level of the house.

Which takes advantage of a great exposition that contributes to making the underground room well illuminated and welcoming.

Authors Galeotti/Rizzato Architetti
Location Treviso, Italy
Year 2019
Surface 270 sqm
Client Private
Photography Francesco Castagna

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