The Casa LG project involves the interior spaces of a villa situated in the lush hilly context behind the city of Prato.

The house pens up to the view of the Florentine plain and the mountains of Calvana.

Here, DEFERRARI+ MODESTI created a domestic environment that plays with the differences in height present in the original building of the 1980s.

They created an interior characterised by lively and detailed spatial connections while also defining the autonomous zones that enjoy their own privacy.

The living area consists of four large connected areas and the piece of furniture therefore performs various tasks.

The sophisticated spatial connection that characterises the project is accomplished through interventions on the structure of the walls and an integrated furnishing system.

The living room, the reading and music corner, the dining room and the kitchen.

It is a bench, a container, a music record display, a bookcase, a divider between different areas.

The cabinet is made of open-pore ash wood lacquered in blue, to highlight not only the colour but also the veins of the material.

The bookcase is the focal point of the room. The cabinet under the bookcase acts as a bench and container. Another element, designed to store music records, acts as a divider from the dining area.

Made of teak wall panels.

The staircase is the real fulcrum of the house, highlighting the various passages of altitude. The staircase becomes a sort of micro-architecture inside the house, a playful space to live in.

It is not only a circulation element, but also a rest area, reception area, container cabinet, filter and separation device, frame for climbing.

As it unfolds, the staircase becomes lighter and changes its appearance. The first ramp consists of a monolithic wooden element. With the second ramp, the staircase seems to dematerialise owing to the slender powder-coated iron structure, up to the final portion where it is built with painted perforated sheet metal.

An element that anchors the staircase to the ground and invites one to walk down it safely.

The staircase, although being extremely solid, becomes permeable to light and movement, almost seeming to float in a void, as it ascends.

The same materials and the same sensitive approach also apply to the most intimate areas of the house: two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Which is located behind a flush-to-wall door.

The upper floor is used as a living/study area and accommodates an additional bathroom, as well as a large terrace overlooking the surrounding green landscape.

Author DEFERRARI+MODESTI (Javier Deferrari, Lavinia Modesti)
Location Prato, Italy
Client Private
Surface 170 sqm
Year 2018-20
Photography Anna Positano

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