Casa MDP

Casa MDP is a private house located at the border of the city of Piatra Neamt, Romania.

The House rises on a natural sloped land divided into two portions by a difference in level, as a consequence each space has direct access to the outside.

Study of orientation towards the sun and context was a decisive factor in the final positioning of the house and definition of the planimetry.

The general functional principle was a house without hallways: necessary functions oriented towards the sun, but also openings far from the neighbors.

In order to emphasize living on the ground floor, a perimeter veranda dissolves the strong boundary between the outside and the inside.

The living room has been fixed to the south corner while the rigid rooms result from the regular grid organization.

All the windows have the same size, less the panorama from the living room and the one from the master bathroom.

The turning point of the project is the vertical development of the living room, which expands, focuses, and has openings to different areas and lights.

The resulting interior route, from the entrance to the final view, was possible to the detriment of walls and without using doors.

The superstructure is made in timber frame, with an external finish of thermo-treated pine and outlined by the regular structure of the veranda, with open corners.

The height of the roof is designed for future development:suitable for a possible attic reachable with a swinging staircase in the dining room.

A project by Vinklu
Location Piatra Neamt, RO
Year 2019-2020
Gross Built Area 123sqm
Program Private residence
Photography © Vlad Albu

Conversion of a workers' house

a project powered by Itinerant Office

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