Common Grounds
by Ayelen Peressini

In 2018 Ayelen Peressini was invited to create a site-specific project for the Public Art Circuit, 10.10.10 Arte entre Cidades.

The work was commissioned and curated by Gabriela Raposo within the context of Torres Vedras/Alenquer European Wine Capital.

For the occasion, participant architects and artists were encouraged to contribute with projects that allowed to renew the places' unique identities through an interdisciplinary approach.

Made out of steel and designed for the specific context of Adega Cooperativa de Carvoeira, the intervention was located in a former I.V.V building and composed by a group of three pieces.

For curator Gabriela Raposo, “the implantation of three sculptures in different spaces of the I.V.V. building, suggests a promenade and spatial recognition”

Each sculptural object values the space where it's integrated, and at the same time, proposes an
appropriation, by the visitor, of the diverse relations established between the scales, distances and extensions that the existing constructive diversity offers.

"The contrast between the idea of a latent building [pre-ruin] with the reflective and contemporary artwork represents a dialogue among times and realities."

Author Ayelen Peressini
Collaborators M2C
Location Adega Cooperativa de Carvoeira, Torres Vedras, Portugal
Year 2018
Context 10.10.10 Arte entre Cidades, Public Art Circuit. 
Curator and commissioner Gabriela Raposo
Client Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras
Photography Alexandre Ramos

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